No Class, No Manners

GA hadn't planned to post again, but...  I can hardly believe my ears.  From last night's City Council meeting: ,cue to 14:00.
Timmy: (to Ravi Bhalla) How did you think you could be an assemblyman.   Honestly.  I don't really see it.

Bhalla: I won't answer that.

Timmy: I'd love to know your record.  Maybe a list of your accomplishments that qualify you to run for the 33rd District.

Bhalla: Would you like to run for mayor?

Timmy: I'd love to.

Bhalla: I think you should.

(City Clerk Jimmy Farina begins call for next vote)

Timmy: Wake up.
And, cue to 45:09:
Timmy: (to Leo Pellegrini) Complaining?  Watch your language with  me, Director.
WHO does that twit think he is?


  1. Daaaaling GA, You most definitely needed to post again today!

    Timboy needed to be quoted because we all know he likes seeing his name on things; plaques, reporter, patch, MSV. It makes him feel important. He is a silly little ill-equipped bald headed boy. Who needs to be taught a few lessons.

    Lesson 1: Do not speak to your superiors in a sanctimonious tone.
    Lesson 2: Do your research
    Lesson 3: Because you lack intelligence, you do not belong in the sandbox with Lawyers.
    Lesson 4: Check your zipper before you come to class.
    Lesson 5: Take the marbles out of your mouth when you speak.
    Lesson 6: Know who your friends are not.
    Lesson 7: Take finance 101 OVER
    Lesson 8: A woman is always RIGHT.
    Lesson 9: The only woman on the dais can chew you up and spit you out but has too much dignity to address your foolish talking points.
    Lesson 10: Time to shave the head (Leo is just the cutest, sexiest bald headed man and you will never come close.)

  2. Tim is by far the biggest idiot in public office in this county. The mold growing on scraps of food under my fridge is more self-aware than Tim is. Where did they find this fool? Was he passed out in a gutter somewhere when they went trolling for a fresh faced candidate in the 4th ward?

    And Tim needs to take basic arithmetic before finance 101.

  3. My question to Tim "Do you think you could be Mayor?" Can anyone see this?

  4. Here's Tim's future in 3 parts:

    - 2013 Tim runs for Mayor or maybe he doesn't, either way he is screwed. Why? See below.

    - 2013 Ruben is running for Mayor and will lose because elections are now in November which increases voter turnout and because he can't build support outside of the HHA.

    - It's now 2015. Ruben is without out an election political position. Ruben lives in the 4th Ward, is from the 4th Ward, and has a following there unlike Tim who is a replaceable figment of other people's imagination. Ruben runs for 4th Ward City Council and crushes Tim. Maybe Tim runs and wastes time and money or maybe he moves to Secaucus.

    Focus on finding a spouse Tim and having a life. You have no political future in this town because you have no base, are toxic, and most of all, add no value. The writing is on the wall.


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