Castellano Rides Again

GA hadn't planned to dignify the hairball spit up by Terry Castellano in The Hoboken Reporter this week, so I have a reader to thank for this:

I read Castellano's vile letter in the reporter.

I remember what a useless polyp she was loitering in the Marine View Towers lobby while a small army of young adults were assigned to help out distressed residents immediately after Hurricane Sandy. As the group was planning a course of action, in running up the stairs to deliver water and supplies, she stood idly by.  Watching us, doing nothing.  Later on when an ambulance squad came to help some specific residents, but were found to have left the building, Terry said, "Well, that's just poor communication from City Hall."  Standing in the same spot, not lifting a finger to help, just flapping her jawbone.  

She had nothing nice to say about all the effort that was around her, but was quite comfortable to stay in place and complain.

I was disgusted by her uselessness, then dragging down people who were there to help. She's lost power, relevance, and respect. 
Thanks, reader.  I heard that same story from someone else who spent days running around Hoboken helping seniors and witnessed Castellano whining and bitching about the mayor in Marineview while she did nothing.  Dawn, Dawn, Dawn...  was all that came from her useless mouth.  

This letter is an insult to the thousands of residents who have yet to recover from Sandy, and Castellano should ask some of the children of this city about that.

So instead of mocking the mayor's efforts, "Theresa" should get her ass over to D.C. and try to get the insurance industry's attention like Zimmer did on  December 13, 2012 when she spoke to the U.S. Senate Committee for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

A recap of Zimmer's appearance before the Senate Committee"
She said that insurance does not address Hoboken's urban-garden style businesses and asked the Committee to "take action" and have Congress change the definition of "basement" and '"address the unfair basement issue".   When questioned by Chairwoman Landrieu about how the federal government can assist Hoboken's recovery, Zimmer asked for lower interest rates and more federal grants, stressing the need for grants.   Zimmer was asked how low the interest-rates for small business (current 4-6%) should go- the mayor answered the rates should be comparable to those available for individuals (1.3%),  more data-sharing with FEMA and the SBA.  Zimmer was questioned about the basement coverage issue, Zimmer stated she was told by FEMA that it would be required by Congress to change the basement issue.  Zimmer  spoke about how FEMA only covers water tank boiler cover electrical panels, no stored inventory covered.  Zimmer was told by Senator Riche he was going to examine the basement issue.  Chairman Landrieu told Zimmer that her statement was "excellent."

 Here's what do-nothing Theresa wrote about the mayor's Congressional appearance:
Her trip to Washington D.C., was another grab at a headline and what did that accomplish?
Enough said from the embittered do- nothing Theresa Castellano? 

Thank goodness for the generosity of Councilman Tim Occhipinti, who donated $362.25 for supplies to Sandy victims, then repaid himself with contributors' dollars from his 2015 Municipal campaign funds. 


  1. there's not a snowball's chance in hell terry actually wrote that letter. sure, it's got the trademark terry BS and nastiness, but anyone who has heard her speak at council meetings know this does not sound like her at all. in fact, it sounds eerily like the work of a certain political operative couple, or a similar timmy-helping consultant. hmm.

    what a pill.

  2. This doesn't sound like Terry. She should have added her own personal stamp to the letter when she approved it. Something like ending it with, "I'll get you my pretty."

    That's the Terry we all know and love.

  3. So that's where she was. I have to remember if I want to find my council person, I have to look inside public housing or senior housing. Seems she can't be bothered with representing any one else in our ward.

    I'm sure she also telling the Marineview folks...that it is perfectly okay to sublet their apartments (at a higher rate than the actual rent) as long as they still get mail at the address.

  4. Flying to criticize the 'more than acceptable' emergency performance of the Mayor (in both Irene and Sandy) is pure bunk. Certainly, the Mayor is entitled to the earned PR that all Mayors enjoy when they come through with high grades. There should be no 'nitpicking' in times of emergencies....that's when true leaders pull together....Obama and Christie were an excellent example of this during hurricane Sandy.

  5. This is what is wrong with these morons in a nutshell.

    They are fighting the internet and TV with print. The operatives have figured out that they have to go to MSV to peddle their wares. But they hate the idea. They wish they could get by with the HR and 411. But they are preaching to their base.

    Intelligent people simply do not form opinions based on churlish letters to the HR. Any media study of Hoboken's demographic will tell you what you need to do. You need a web presence, and you don't know how to get one. Keep telling yourself "Hoboken is special." By "special" you mean living in a time warp in which history does not move along. You are projecting. You are talking about yourself.

  6. GA,

    It saddens me any time some depicts these despicable people as witches. As a witch I'm insulted.

    And as bad as the fictional wicked witch of the west is, Terry has her beat for wicked.

    1. Oh, dear. Well, there are good ones and bad ones... like Glinda asked Dorothy after her house landed in Oz: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

      And of course there was the smokin' hot Elizabeth Montgomery a.k.a. Samantha Stevens, a sexy witch if there ever was one.

      So please do not be sad, my witch friend.

    2. Well it feels the same for a witch to hear it used as unrelated put down as it fees for LGBT persons to hear something called gay. Or for Jew to have their identity used as an insult.

    3. Well then do accept my apologies, dear anonymous witch.

    4. Thank you.


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