BREAKING: Stack has Secret Meeting with Carmelo and Ruben Yesterday

Holy Vision 20/20, Batman!

GA just spoke with an 'insider' who delivered stunning news- and some very juicy dish.

Our conversation went like this:
Stack was in Hoboken yesterday and he met with Carmelo and Ruben but didn't tell any officials he was there. He didn't tell Zimmer.  He just came. Hush-hush. And something else is going on... something about Carmelo sending applications... he's double-dealing on something.

GA: Wow!  I'll bet it was about Vision 20/20... and the deal that got Carmelo the Assembly slot. So what's going on in the Ramos camp?

Vision 20/20 makes sense. There is a relationship between Stack and Ruben and several people think there is something is driving the Ruben camp...some big project driving them and that's why they're trying so hard to push Romano out. Ramos is freaking out at the possibility of Romano entering the race and his campaign is doing everything possible behind the scenes to stop it, twisting every arm they can find.  Ruben's tightest ally is Russo and Russo's trying to push Romano to support Ruben.  

GA: Why is Russo supporting Ruben?

It has to do with the fear that Russo might be challenged in the 3rd Ward, so wants the mayor on his side.  Everbody's split on that side.  Pupie hates Ruben.  He's angy that Ruben's friend Carmelo got the assembly nod and he didn't.

GA: Pupie really thought he'd get it?

Yes, Pupie really thought he'd get it and probably would have.  But once Stack made a truce with Sacco, Stack didn't need Pupie's money anymore.  Pupie feels burned by Ruben.

GA: How is Ruben trying to stop Romano from running?

He's trying to discourage him by spreading rumors about Romano being in league with Zimmer. He's going to Old Hoboken and calling Romano a traitor.  

GA: Does Romano think he can win?

No. If Romano goes in the race Ruben he knows loses.  Pupie and Romano would like to spite Ramos.   

GA: It's clear Stack is behind Ruben.  How about Sacco?

Sacco doesn't like Ruben but Ruben's best friend is Vinny Prieto new HCDO chairman... may get support from that direction or maybe not since Prieto is Sacco's guy.

My goodness, that was dish-a-licious.  

GA is still reeling from the Secret Meeting with Carmelo and Ruben in Hoboken.  I wonder what "applications" Carmelo is sending.  Wouldn't you like to have been a fly on that wall? 

Hmmm... stay tuned. 

$1,000,000 Developer's fee for the first building... and 19 more. Yum-yummy!


  1. i need a scorecard to keep track of who's supporting/dissing who on the OG side, who's on first?! russo scared of losing the 3rd ward, wow, THAT's interesting. i thought he was the golden boy, mr. untouchable. hard to believe all these knucklehead came together to get timmy elected. how does ruben get the VBM bounty if pupie doesn't lead the harvesting?

  2. Interesting timing: a Stack/Sacco truce. Interesting that they would release a press statement.

    1. LOL is there an expiration date for this "truce"?

  3. "Furthermore, it is also recognized that certain political forces perpetuate the politics of division....Now is the time to put politics aside and continue to work for our respective constituencies.”

    ha! a couple of pretty RICH statements coming from these two.

  4. I concur that Pupie will hurt Ruben politically. Ruben kept Romano out of the loop with his plans for running and picking the ticket. Stack and Sacco have great power but not over Hoboken voters in a local election. Remember Stack sent in an Army for Glatt....Does not bode well for Ramos.

    1. That's true. However if Sacco is backing Ruben, I think it's less likely that Romano will get in. Perhaps unlikely.

  5. I think Romano would not have a shot. Pupie will only make things worst he does not have a shot but sure has deep pockets. Ruben is playing it right with Carmelo. Carmelo has the power and votes. Zimmer fans are in panic. Rumors are that one of her 2 duty director are already making deals behind her back if she loses.

    1. Hoboken QuestionerJune 2, 2013 at 1:07 AM

      WTF is a duty director? If you are so brave as an anon, then name names with the whys and hows. Ruben and Carmelo are homeboys, you make it out like that's news. It would be news if you said Ruben meets with Carmelo on the down low.

      Is that what you meant to say?

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Pupie and Stick both don't have a shot! But, they both can hurt RR.
    As for directors, it's human nature to CYA. There have been rumors about Tooke, since he is reported to be a Fulop person; however, they appear to be unfounded at this time.


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