Beth Mason Gave More $ than Dwek?

Because they care.

How do you like that? 

According to this FBI surveillance tape used in a Fulop campaign commercial, Dwek's bagman  allegedly offered Mayor Healy $30K for"illegal approval of building permits."

Meanwhile, Beth Mason dug a lot deeper into her pocket for Healy- about 50% more than Dwek (allegedly) did, giving $46K to him for his 'campaign'.  'Cause she just cares that much.

Maybe she cares 50% more than Dwek allegedly does?

Well, Solomon Dwek sure knew how to drive a hard bargain.  When he gets out of federal prison on bank fraud charges followed by state prison,  he could give Beth Mason some negotiating tips.  After all, those two have gotten together before:
On Saturday, May 9, the week before the May 12 election, Mason and Stuiver met with Solomon Dwek at a diner in north Hudson County to discuss a possible campaign contribution...
So, GA doesn't know anything about the Dwek and Healy stuff, but Jersey City fans Beth and Ricky Mason  sure let Healy have it- right in the coffers.  



  1. Its something about those beady little eyes they share.......

  2. Snakes have small beady eyes.....

  3. So I'm checking tonight's starting line-ups in Rotoinfo and guess whose mug pops up? Steve Fulop. That Bertoli is a madman. His candidate will never be able to say he didn't get exposure.


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