Who Gave Timmy THAT $2,000?

Folks, seeing is believing.

GA told you that Tim Occhipinti filed 'Occhipinti for Council' on April 20, 2012- at 10:36AM according to his D-1 filing with the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

He submitted his first ELEC report 10 days later on May 1, 2012 at 8:18:37 AM- his April Quarterly. 

Line 2 showed a $2,000 contribution "cumulative to date."  From who?  Checking Schedule A....

Oh my, it's BLANK.

Maybe Timmy transferred a balance from a previous account?  

Not according to Timmy.

Timmy's reported a large contribution- $2,000- a mere 10 days after his campaign is opened, but won't disclose the source.

What's he hiding?   It's a mystery.   But this isn't;  according to his latest 2015 campaign filing  Occhipinti has received $12,173.03 and spent $9,882.27.

Yup, he's spent 81% of his contributions-to-date for his 2015 municipal campaign.

Wow.  Check out another parasite gorging himself (literally) on campaign funds...  Jeez, what is it with New Jersey? (article by Ted Sherman, The Star Ledger)

joe_divincenzo.jpgCampaign money helps feed DiVincenzo, with thousands in restaurant tabs

Joseph DiVincenzo appears to campaign on his stomach.
The Essex County executive does not face re-election until 2014, but in the past year he has used his campaign to cover the cost of $15,222 in meals at 30 different restaurants — all labeled as campaign meetings — according to reports filed with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission.

There was the $302.86 tab at the pricey Sea Grill in Rockefeller Center last March (along with a $47 parking fee at the West 48th Street Parking Garage). The $480 bill that the campaign covered for a February 2012 meeting at the exclusive Palm restaurant at the El San Juan Hotel & Casino in Carolina, Puerto Rico. And the 36 times he dined at McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange last year, with his re-election campaign picking up the check each time. 

Wow, meetings at The Sea Grill.  Nice- check out the menu!

Timmy's skipped the Sea Grill meetings- he's using 2015 campaign funds for petty cash expenses: political contributions to local and state politicians, tickets to charity lunches, charity dinners, salaries to campaign staff among them.

Well, that's a heads-up to folks who may be compelled to give their hard-earned money to him.  He's doing fine.  If he were worried about 2015 he wouldn't be spending your money on Albio Sires and reimbursing himself for Hurricane Sandy donations.


  1. Wait Timmy pays salaries to campaign staff? What campaign staff? Didn't one of his staffers just get busted in the HHA for running a meth lab?

    She can't be on Timmy's payroll now. But Timmy sending himself to the hurricane gala and using $300 from this slush fund, yeah that's definitely Timmy alright.

  2. Timmy must have many developers ready to back him. Has anyone noticed the boom in construction in that area. Marshall and Harrison Street Projects must have special permits to work on Saturday morning at 7:00am. Yet I call to make complaints and nothing happens ( Thank You our wonderful Mayor ) I thought no work on Saturdays ?


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