Timmy's Mr. Softee Scam

GA featured a loving tribute to Mr. Softee in May 2010

In an effort to market himself to 'Old Hoboken,' Timmy Inc. has ginned up a fake Yuppie lynch mob after Mr. Softee's nuts!

Chopped nuts, that is.

And sprinkles, and syrup and yummy soft custard in a delicious wafer cone... excuse me, I just got a craving for a freshly-dipped brown bonnet... gotta run to Church Square Park to get one from Tony!   GA buys more often at the Mr. Softee in front of Wallace School- after LA (Little Avenger) gets out.

What kind of a jerk would try use Mr. Softee to drive a wedge between neighbors... for POLITICAL gain?

This kind:

Folks, I am not kidding.

Timmy (with backup from Terry Castellano) has a Change.org petition entitled: City of Hoboken, NJ: Allow Tony (Mr.Softee) to operate his business in Church Square Park. 

These two have ginned up a divisive 'Us (BnRs) vs. THEM' war over an alleged threat to Mr. Softee.

GA always tells it like it is: the Mr. Softee threat is a load of horse sh*t.  Timmy and Terry are pandering to their political base, trying to stir up hatred among neighbors over ice cream.

GA's a public school mom.  My kid, the kids at school, in Church Square Park, Columbus Park, etc. and their parents- enjoy Mr. Softee no matter where they were born and raised.  In my case, Queens New York.

My only problem with Mr. Softee is, it's too delicious.  And too much Mr. Softee leads to too much GA, especially in the rear.

Timmy and Terry fomenting hatred against non-BnRs


  1. There was a complaint on Hate411.

    Tony has a petition. I signed Tony's..

    1. Do you have a link? Klaussen writes letters to himself, the site is a ghost-town. Maybe he gets notes via Ouija Board.

      It's bogus, more bloodletting from the leeches of the Dark Side. Tony ought to be told this so he does not feel his business is threatened.

      How cruel, messing with the poor man like this- all for political advantage, and making folks upset with their neighbors.

      And that's what we are.

    2. http://hoboken411.com/archives/92513

  2. Everyone loves Tony! Best ice cream truck in Hoboken. It's going to be a very long election season if this has been politicized and sadly we can expect more. What will Occhipinti ask the City for on his next petition? More sunshine? More oxygen? Clearly the City is responsible for the cooler than usual Spring weather. A petition for more oxygen might improve Occhipinti's thinking so I may have to sign that one ;-)

  3. Tony said that someone called the cops and the cops asked him to move. I don't know if Tony knows about H411.

    1. It must have been Timmy. Can you see him running from the phone like a 12-year old, giggling, "Tee hee...I made a phoney phone call!"

  4. Another Pawn in Councilpersons Mason, Russo, Castellano and Ochippinti's little malicious game.

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  6. What a shock. The minority doesn't give a rat's ass about Hoboken businesses, unless of course they contribute or support their reckless and self destructive agenda.

  7. Check this out. Look at the comments. It's exactly what you say. Us against them and orchestrated.


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