Timmy Misses April ELEC Deadline for 2015

Tim Takes the Cake (literally)

Oh no!   Tim Occhipinti is late on his April 15 ELEC filing for his 2015 campaign!

Back in April, GA reported (current to his January 15 ELEC) Occhipinti had received $12,173.03 in  and spent $9,882.27.   Yep, Timmy had already spent 81% of his campaign contributions for his 2015 municipal campaign.  Wow.

And he spent most of it on charitable and political donations, like the $175 he gave to Brian Stack and the $250 he gave to Abio Sires! (more eamples here.)  Timmy even reimbursed himself for donations to Sandy victims.  Wow.   Imagine that.

The only thing that comes out of Timmy's pocket is lint.

So, where is his April ELEC?  Don't you want to see it?

I wonder if he's using 2015 campaign contributions for his 2013 visits to the Mister Softee truck?  Those ice cream cones- with sprinkles- will run you $2.50, you know.

And what about his classes at Romparoo?   I wonder which he's taking: "Rock N’ Roll”?  “Shake It Up”?  “Bust A Move”?   “Toddler Madness” ? ”Can’t Stop Me Now”?

I hope Timmy's 2015 campaign contributors don't mind kicking in for that, after all it's a great way to stimulate all of  he Councilman's growing senses.. why, he'll get to explore his imagination and practice crawling, walking, or skipping without getting hurt. Watch him as he learns to interact with others and make his or her first friends. Timmy the 2015 candidate will learn to be a little more independent and place emphasis on sharing and being creative. He'll discover that Old MacDonald frequently has a monkey on his farm and on one very special day even had a jellyfish.

Now isn't that worth contribution dollars from your wallet?

So, GA will let you know when Timmy's April ELEC makes it's debut online.  Until then, grab a Mister Softee and give Tony or whomever serves you a big hug.