Stack Un-Hatched

Yesterday's headline from Hudson Superior Court was that HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia was declared ineligible to appear on the June 4, 2013 Primary election ballot for 33rd District Assembly.

But Judge Bariso didn't stop there.

He made another ruling of consequence: that the HCDO can't replace Garcia-- the slot on the ballot stays empty.  So anyone who thought Beth Mason or Frank Raia might slide into the spot...  nope.

Oops. Not "legally cognizable". And furthermore:

Did Bariso make himself perfectly clear...

"Having done so knowing and at their peril, they cannot be heard to complain now."   POW! 

Which makes one wonder, what led Brian Stack to be this reckless?  Who was advising him?  Why take the risk?

Bariso ruled changes to the Hatch Act at the federal level don't trump the more stringent interpretation of the State's.  Which was always a possible outcome.  And neither  Raia nor Mason who both wooed Stack, can replace Garcia. Which  means he may end up with the guy he reportedly didn't want: you-know-who.  

The kid with the beard.


  1. I don't get it. What a screw-up. But I expect Stack to flex his street level muscle and run a write-in. Michele Russo owes him a favor, Frank Raia can be wooed to make things happen in HHA and Applied. It's far from over. But Stack did learn something about what he must have considered nothing more than a yappy little dog. A yappy little dog is still the king of his backyard.

  2. Well Stack is one wild and crazy guy. A write-in isn't what it used to be though. In Hoboken, those electronic machines are none too simple to write in a candidate. How are they in Union City and Jersey City? Stack will be writing out those instructions in Spanish this weekend.

    It's going to be the ugliest scene in Hudson since 2007.

    Hoboken can start its engines. Well the Bhalla for Assembly engines. The engines for Raia and Mason, well those guys can find something else to do with theirs.


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