SofteeGate: Petition Targets the WRONG Mister Softee!


The petition about the 'threat' to Tony the Mister Softee man,  appears to have misidentified which Mr. Softee prompted the one person, 'briank' to complain about him on Hoboken411.

The petition to Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano is called: "City of Hoboken, NJ: Allow Tony (Mr.Softee) to operate his business in Church Square Park".

But not all is as it appears to be... as Softee-Gate evolves into a 'whodunit.'

Softee-phobe 'briank' writes on Hoboken411: 
Is it a figment of my imagination thy he generally would park on the southeast corner of 5th and Willow? That as soon as the line of customers was down served, he would turn the music back on to try to attract more customers? That I had to write to my councilman to complain?
 An astute GA reader sent me this email: 
playing music?? on the southeast corner of 5th and Willow??? ahhhhh..... this is NOT about Tony at all. The ice cream truck in question belongs to the nice Hispanic gentleman who also stops at Wallace occasionally. HIS "area" is Willow to the west (inclusive of Willow). Tony is east of Willow Ave. 

Ask Tony, he will tell you that. 

Tony can usually be found on 4th and Park, Pier A or driving along the streets EAST OF WILLOW. For many many many years. 

So, Mr Brian write "his Councilman" about this truck, on the southeast corner of 5th and Willow and a petition spreads thru Hoboken and cyber Hoboken like wildfire. Save Tony (again) Did this Councilperson not know that this wasn't Tony? Did he not know where 5th and Willow was? or did he think that this nice Hispanic gentleman wouldn't elicit the appropriate response? 
You're right, astute GA reader!   Tony's spot is on 4th and Park! 

So, the ginned-up controversy to "save Tony" with the orchestrated "save Tony petition" is about   another Mister Softee (I'll have to get his name).

Then why does the petition target the WRONG Mister Softee?

Don't Tim and Terry want to protect the other Mister Softee guy?

This political ploy to rally Old Hoboken voters against 'newcomers' seems to happen every election cycle. From 2005's Save Mister Softee jihad smack in the middle of  the Dave Roberts vs. Carol Marsh campaign (thanks to IndieCom who made this point on MSV.)

Click here to read full letter

Why do Old Guard politicians gin up complaints from a crank (or several cranks) to a full-fledged civil war on your child's ice cream cone? (curiously, the 'attack'  always seems to target the same vendor).

Does this dopey ploy work?  Dunno, but it's got 726 signatures.

That's an awful lot of pissed off ice-cream eaters.  Too bad the issue's a political scam.


  1. So confusing. So many Mister Softees...Is it true that some unsatisfied councilmens' wives and girlfriends use this moniker for them too? They can be found playing jingle balls to attract attention at the northwest corner of mattress and headboard. Alas, no customers.

    1. So funny!

      Well you know the old Dairy Queen joke, right? She couldn't get pregnant because (drumroll, please)... she was married to Mister Softee.

  2. I talked tonTony. He has chased off by the cops recently. It was a day when two other trucks showed up.

    1. So basically 2 other trucks beat him to his spot and he lost it that day. Well that is his fault for not getting there first. Nobody is trying to deny him his spot or chase him away, he just has to get there before some other truck sets up shop there just like every other food truck that operates in the city.

    2. No.

      He was in his spot, but two other trucks joined him. Three trucks on one block was too much for a resident, who called the cops and they were all asked to leave.

      There is some truth to a story that Tony has a petition, I signed it at his truck and talked to him.

      I do think that the Dark Side is taking advantage of the situation.

    3. Next time Tony should call the cops. They would make the other trucks move and leave him be if he did that.

  3. If I understand this correctly,A policeman (likely a bnr) told Mr. Softee to move his truck and the bnr residents blaming the yuppies (and the city?).

    It was the policeman's decision to force Tony to move. As GA wrote, this is about one person with the authority to force Tony to move. The petition should be sent to the chief of police (who is also bnr). The decision lies with him.

  4. Added Mr. Softee item - The F.B.I. - 'Fried Banana & Ice Cream'. Too bad he can't serve the cocktail with Vodka, Baileys, Kahlua and ice cream. lol

    1. Yum! I'll have my FBI slathered in Grand Marnier. Ooooh la la.


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