Politicians Who Endorse Web sites That Attack Hoboken Businesses

For all the hot gas blown at Da Horsey and myself, we blog on local POLITICS.   Our subjects are public figures and limited public figures- including political operatives- who influence public policy,  advocate for elected officials and issues that effect the public.  And of course, we blog about the officials themselves.

That is the ESSENCE of American democracy.  The right of political free speech. The right of citizens to speak for or against their government.  

So hear this: we have NEVER bartered a published word for any kind of goods or services or payment of ANY kind. With ANYONE.


Nor have we ever attacked a local business or merchant.  

Nor have we ever called a vibrant, flourishing business "DOOMED" (see above)

GA has been hearing buzz for sometime about the business community's antipathy toward Hoboken411.  Be 'nice' to him or get savaged online.

One notorious case that GA's heard from several folks in disparate places, is a men's clothier on Washington Street.  Ga hears that (a few years ago) the victimized business was the subject of a vicious, protracted Klaussen jihad.

Why?  Ask around yourself. 

Here is one of Klaussen's petty, mean-spirited attacks on the man's business- mocking signage typos.   Klaussen's Photoshop calls "him" (store's owner) a "(store's name) Idiot".    What happened?  The business lost customers, then closed.  (It eventually re-opened.)

Hoboken411's gratuitous nastiness toward a guy just trying to make a living
GA suspects this may be why other local businesses haven't said a peep publicly- until Trinity let the bully have it a couple of days ago.

None of this matters to unprincipled politicians who continue to use Hoboken411 as a venue.  

Hoboken411 is a regular Occhipinti platform for videos and flyers.

GA urges others to speak up.

And any politician who uses Hoboken411 as a venue is ENDORSING his behavior toward our business community.

And by the way, Hoboken411's 'Trinity-Doomed' has not been retracted. 

So GA guesses he stands by it.

Does Tim Occhipinti stand by it, too?


  1. Dear Grafix Avenger,

    MSV does need to fess up as one year ago an intermediary did intercede with a third party political figure. MSV agreed to sell the website for $500,000 but in the end the deal fell through as the person didn't come up with the money.

    Oh and... nice boots!



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