Occhi-Shady ELECs

Well, looky here!  On April 20, 2012 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti filed his candidacy with ELEC for the 2015 municipal election.  

Here is his brand new logo and web site, where you can see he is soliciting contributions for "Occhipinti for Council."

Why so soon?  Perhaps Occhipinti wants to build an enormous war chest for the November 2015 election?

GA took a look through Timmy's 2015 ELEC filings.

As of the last (1/17/13), Occhipinti has received $12,173.03 and spent $9,882.27.

Timmy has spent 81% of his contributions-to-date for his 2015 municipal campaign.

A campaign which hasn't started yet.

Rather than building a war chest (saving), Occhipinti is spending his "Occhipinti for Council" cash contributions like gangbusters.  On what?

It looks to me like he is soliciting donations and using them as a personal petty cash fund.  He's spending campaign contributions in lieu of paying out of pocket for charity events, donations and even donations to Hudson County and New Jersey politicians.

Legal?  Probably.  Ethical? You decide.

 Folks, take a look for yourself:  http://www.elec.state.nj.us/ELECReport/DetailFilingReport.aspx?ID=321994&Page=1&LastName=occhipinti

Here are some examples, and you should think about these before you reach into your pocket to give this guy another penny:

1- $300 for a "Charitable Event" for Rebuild Hoboken Relief fund.  Did Timmy pay for his $300 ticket to the W Hotel fundraiser with political contributions?

2- $175 to "Union City First"- a Brian Stack Civic Association. Timmy's giving his donors' cash to Brian Stack!!!!

3- $48 for a plaque paid to Stan's for a charitable luncheon, likely the annual Richard Hicks Black Youth Empowerment Luncheon at the Boys & Girls Club on 2/25/12.

4-$100 to The Real Democrats of Hoboken for "future and present political donations"  and "Lincoln Dinner."

5- $100 to the NAACP for...  newspaper advertising and program donation?  Advertising what? What program?  GA couldn't find anything around that time on Google.

6- $75 to HEARTS for "advertising and program donation".  Never heard of it so GA asked around.  BoE Trustee Irene Sobolov replied: 
Hoboken Education Assoc of Retired Teachers. They had a big anniversary... Had a program with sponsors wishing them well.... We donated in our OWN names with our OWN money!!! Not campaign money... Disgusting
All 4 members of Kids First who attended donated their OWN money, not campaign funds.

7-  $250 to Albio Sires!  (Why give his own money when he can give yours?)

8- $100 to Panorama Tours for a 'Family Day Event".  Panorama Tours operates a Charter bus company.  July 26, 2012 (date of payment) was the final night of the St. Ann's Festival- it was a Thursday.  What was that?

9- $300 to the "Mason Civil League" for "Charitable Contributions/Hurricane Sandy Donation."  Was this for his ticket to Mason's sham charity fundraiser?

and... are you ready for THIS????

10- $362.25 to Tim Occhipinti!  Yep, Timmy reimbursed HIMSELF with CAMPAIGN MONEY for money he paid from his "personal account" for Hurricane Sandy supplies!  What a cheapskate!

Folks, there are many more examples of this, but I haven't got all day. 


  1. Tim should not have used any campaign funds for the fundraiser at the W, that's something he should pay out of his own pocket. What a cheap fucker

  2. One Wish

    One wish, Two wish, Red wish, Blue wish,
    Black wish, Blue wish, Old wish, New wish.
    This one has a fancy car.
    This one has an illegal bar.
    Say! What a lot of wishes there are.
    Yes. Some are red, and some are blue.
    Some are old and some are new.
    Some are cads, and some are glad,
    And some are very, very bad.
    Why are they cads and glad and bad?
    I do not know, she’s raving mad.
    Some are cheap, with roads unpavey.
    Some have T-shirts stained with gravy.
    From there to here,
    From here to there,
    Unfunded things are everywhere.
    Here some will for office run.
    They run and some have paid to won.

  3. Mille grazie! Just wait for the sequel: "How the Lunatic Fringe Doled Sickness!"

    1. Can't wait. More, more, more!

      I'm telling you, those Timmy ELECs are wonderous. He's got disbursements he's calling "salaries". His treasurer was paid. For what? From campaign contributions. And others, too. The balls on him.

      Oink oink! SNORT!

  4. AllianceBurnsteinApril 5, 2013 at 10:18 PM

    Understand you people in Hoboken are learning more about our Timmy Occhipinti. Well we know all about him here. He's a run of the mill help desk guy making 75K a year and is known for not buying even a round of donuts in the office.

    Funny you guys are learning in Hoboken he's a cheap fuck. We'll have a good laugh about this in the office on Monday. Have you folks there figured out how immature and thin-skinned Timmy is?

    1. I think most of us agree that Tim is a bumbling idiot and a loathsome creature, but let's leave his salary out of it. Net worth has no bearing on worth as a human being (see Beth Mason)

    2. Indeed, I agree.

      But in this case its relevant to show that Occhipinti has the financial means (TO's private sector salary + his CC salary = $100K) to use his own cash for charitable donations. So why doesn't he?

      Is he a grifter? A cheapskate? A jerk? Ask the Magic 8 ball:


      Of course if Timmy if forced to spend his OWN money and not people's, he will be SELECTIVE about which events he attends. Just like everyone else.

      I don't know a single elected official who uses campaign donors' money to pay for charitable donations. Timmy's raising cash for his '2015 municipal election' and using it to fund his lifestyle.

      81% of funds given for 2015 have been spent on Albio Sires, Brian Stack, and Timmy's charities.

      Donors beware.

    3. He doesn't have any money may be the answer? The guy makes nothing in the first place, he gets 45k in the bank a year after taxes. Throw in a couple dinners for his girlfriend, a couple hand jobs at a massage parlor and rents / mortgages and he has nothing.


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