Liebler's List

My goodness, what an intriguing post on Patch by David A. Liebler!

On April 18, 2013 at 3:04 PM, Mr. Liebler published this to anonymous blogger Ojo Rojo:
Ojo, I can not wait till I find out who you really are....we have a pretty complete list of everyone who blogs under fake names, looking forward to getting yours! 
Wow, this raises so many questions, possibly in the hundreds.  Maybe even thousands.

They fall into the following categories:
  1. WHO 
  2. WHAT
  3. WHEN
  4. HOW
  5. WHY
Now, every production has co-stars and a supporting cast.  The more elaborate the production, the more expensive to produce.

A list is one kind of production, a film is another. 

Let's take the Titanic (the movie, not Beth Mason's political career).  It was produced and distributed by Paramount and 20th Century Fox at a cost of roughly $200 million.  That was one expensive production!

GA is sure that lists are much cheaper to produce.  The one I made yesterday for my trip to A&P yesterday said:
 And it didn't cost me a penny to produce!  Oh yes, I make lists all the time.  Reminder lists, 'To Do' lists, shopping lists, schedules, birthday lists, holiday lists, etc.   All for free!

Have I ever made a list with other people?   No.

Have I ever "looked forward" to making a list?  No.

Have I ever made a list with other people about other people?  No.

Have I ever made a list with other people about other people then told a person presumably on the list  that I was "looking forward to it"?   No.

So you can see, GA has no experience with Mr. Liebler's kind of list.

Liebler's List is: "a pretty complete list of everyone who blogs under fake names."

Thank you for letting us know!

But...  how can a list of "people who blog under fake names" ever be "complete" when there is an infinite supply of "fake names" in the Universe?

Liebler's statement doesn't make sense unless you are talking about  limited group of people- such as the Reform blogging community in Hoboken, which Ojo Rojo belongs to.  For example.

Well, the Titanic had a $200 million dollar price tag.  GA's shopping list was free.

What about Liebler's list?   How many others are involved in it's production?

Can Mr. Liebler be compelled to reveal the names on his list and what he plans to do with the information and on whose behalf the list is being made and who is making it with him?


  1. i read somewhere that david works on the ramos campaign, is that correct? if so, i look forward to a mayoral debate when the public can ask ruben why his people are compiling such a list of hoboken citizens. why would anyone vote for a politician who compiles such a list? did david just shoot himself (and ruben) in the foot?


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