Hoboken411 Retracts Scurrilous Attack

..very quietly.  WITHOUT a public apology.

Here is what Hoboken411 had been pumping out via social media:

The problem? It's not true.

On March 22, 2013 to be exact, Hoboken411 pronounced Trinity "DOOMED" on his web site, then Tweeted his 23,067 'Followers' with the same false information.

The owners of Trinity were rightfully upset. On March 25, one of them posted this on Facebook:

Yup Erica, they sure do suck.

Well, the owners of Trinity "repeatedly" contacted Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 requesting a retraction; their requests to remove the disparaging, false condemnation of their business were IGNORED.   Here is what Trinity Hoboken posted a FULL WEEK after the attack on their business was published and Tweeted by Hoboken411:
We have repeatedly asked Mr. 411 to rescind his post stating the contrary, but to no avail. 

"...but to no avail."

No surprise there, Trinity.  Ask around.  Here's a Washington Street business that closed following a Hoboken411 jihad- here's Klaussen making fun of the guy's storefront signage, calling him an "idiot":

(You won't find the Reform blogs attacking local businesses this way, or trying to harm individuals simply trying to make a living.)

Here's another one.  A friend's business partner had to threaten Klaussen after he helped himself to their copyrighted photos taken at last year's Wallace Spring Disco Dance.   Reluctant to take down the pilfered photos, he first cropped out their watermark then quietly retracted them without a public apology to the photographer.  Their stolen photos were linked in Klaussen's text:

A Hoboken411 reader sent photos of Pincus, Ruth McAllister Jean Marie Mitchell, and Deidre Wall partying it up together at an unidentified function. 
"Unidentified function", my ass.  Only a dirtbag would publish photos of a MOM at her kid's school fundraiser in a coordinated political smear campaign.  No worries, Klaussen will get a chance to tell me all about how he obtained those photos.   

But I digress...

Unless there's more back story (like a legal order), GA will take a victory lap for helping out Trinity in this matter.  Because GA broke the story on Monday, and on  Tuesday noted that politicians like Tim Occhipinti, who use Hoboken411 as a venue are tacitly endorsing his behavior toward the business community.

Guess what?

The "Trinity-DOOMED" page is gone.  It was taken down today.

12 days later.

How many thousands of people have received Hoboken411's  misinformation about this Hoboken business?  

How many people have been discouraged from a meal or drink at Trinity because of  Hoboken411's 'doomed' pronouncement?  

How many people will now associate that business with failure?

Because of Hoboken411.

If the owners feel that their business has been harmed by Hoboken411, I've saved the screenshot and it's yours.

Trinity, I want to offer you props for speaking up.  I believe you have set an example to the rest Hoboken's business community. 

Now, time for Hoboken411-patron Tim Occhipinti to condemn Hoboken411 and demand an apology to Trinity.


  1. Do what rory did, have the guy arrested or sue the asshole.

  2. Have always said that Hoboken411 is a bully and anyone who stands up and kicks a leg of his chair would not only see it wobble but fall down. Recall the one local sole proprietor who refused to take any more of his crap and filed coercion charges against Perry Klaussen the loon at Hoboken411..

    Both went to court and Klaussen immediately signed over any right to talk about the guy, his business or personal life. The judge wrote it into the court order and Perry Klaussen the bully to Hoboken business for YEARS meekly walked out of court without saying so much as baaaaa.

    That dirty see ya next Tuesday Beth Mason and him with their little political operative ghostwriter underling cowards have been defaming and savaging people from all walks of life in Hoboken for years.

    The first individual who sues Hoboken411 will lead to its collapse and the gratitude of an entire city.

    Here's a toast to Trinity on 4-11 and then some. Props to those guys for standing up for themselves and against one of the most despised people in town.

  3. Yep... and you know I am one of the savaged and defamed by that character demolition crew. Imagine, attacking a MOM for attending her kid's Field Day fundraiser, turning it into something mean and dirty and posting the pics with an 'anonymous' midnight flyer filled with years-old scurrilous attacks from the mouth of a... Oh yes, can you hear Pandora's box creaking open?

  4. 411 just through Carly Ringer under the bus, calling the nicest and most caring girl in Hoboken an out of towner and a paper pusher, what a fucking asshole 411 is. I hear VPH is backing out of advertising on 411 because of the Trinity comment, 1 of the partners has a piece of Trinity. Bye bye $$$

    1. He is absolutely twisted and evil. So now this trash will dog her on Google.

      What does VPH stand for?

      I don't why anyone advertises on that cybertoilet. He doesn't get traffic the way he used to. Alexa.com threw him off a long time ago.


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