Hoboken411 Attacks Local Business

... website owner Perry Klaussen called it "DOOMED".   

Problem? It's not.

Trinity bar and restaurant at 306 Sinatra Drive is a thriving local bar/restaurant with no intention of closing it's doors.  Why would Hoboken411 disparage a local business- the 'DOOMED' inference that it is a sinking ship.

Here is what one of Trinity's owners posted on Facebook:
Join us for our "WE ARE NOT CLOSING PARTY" on 4/11 !!! We invite you all to come toast the lack of journalistic integrity of that 411 hoboken website!!! Stayed tuned for great specials and more details!

Before Hoboken411 declares a local business DOOMED- potentially driving business away, he ought to FACT CHECK.

Anything otherwise suggests malice.


  1. Buy Hoboken411 ad or else!April 1, 2013 at 10:16 AM

    Trinity didn't back down when introduced to the Hoboken411 way of doing business. Gee, wonder why this happened? I'll give you one guess.

  2. Are Hoboken businesses starting to resist the shakedown?

  3. The article about the closing is still posted, I'm sure many people still think the bar is closing, thats those that don't follow the bar on social media. So to date the publisher has been arrested for shaking down another business owner, he has falsely defamed local businesses hand over fist and now this? A solid law suit should be forthcoming at this point.

  4. Anyone know what the sentences and penalties are for making libelous claims to deliberately hurt a private enterprise or what legal actions Trinity should take?

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