Hoboken411 Attacks ANOTHER Hoboken Business

This time it's a dog-walker.

Klaussen's been on a jihad against this woman, a professional dog trainer, since last December when he posted photos of her walking a pack of dogs with this caption:

How do you feel about over-doing the dog walks? Are they doing it because it’s a good thing? Or because they need the money?

In one fell swoop he accused her of "overdoing" dog walks impugning her integrity and motivation, questioning whether her business was for the good of the pooches or to rake in more cash.

He also posted a "simplified for brevity" police report of claims by a bystander that this dog walker was abusive to one dog. The dog walker explained to the policeman's satisfaction that the pup was not mistreated; she'd put the dog on his back as a technique to maintain control and correct the problems the dog had with the pack. No abuse was involved. But of course, the "simplified for brevity" spin to imply something sinister had transpired in this dog walker's care was clearly communicated in the Hoboken411 attack piece.

GA has questions for Hoboken411:

 How do you feel about attacking Hoboken businesses online? Are you  doing it because it’s a good thing? Or because you need the money?

GA doesn't know from dogs- I'm a cat-lover and owner.   

I do like dogs though- except for the yappy little ones.  Anyway, I've never even walked a dog.  So don't ask me how to do it.   But the internationally acclaimed dog behavioral expert/trainer/dog rescuer, Cesar Millan, star of The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic Channel advocates walking dogs in large packs.  If you want to know why, then buy the book.

Cesar Millan, leader of the pack.
Anyway, it is disheartening to see Hoboken elected officials and aspiring office-holders endorse Hoboken411's behavior toward our business community (last week it was Trinity Bar) by using that web site to promote themselves.

Why try to hurt members of our business community?


  1. eventually someone is going to crack perry in the head and knock him the fuck out, then maybe perry will get the hint?

  2. In addition to shaving his dog's coat down to almost nothing (not a great idea for lots of health reasons for the animal), the man who routinely leaves his pet tied up outside of stores has no business criticizing anyone else. Dogs are routinely stolen from these temporary tethers and no, they're not taken to become someone else's lovable pet, they're mostly used as bait for dog fights or sold to labs who perform vivisection. NEVER leave your dog tied up outside a store.

  3. I've seen all of Perry Klaussen up close and personal. He was out harassing people in the bar where I used to hang out with my friends and then a customer picked me up and bashed him over the head. I was severely damaged because that scumbag has a very hard head.

    Thankfully, I got better. Hopefully, Hoboken businesses do too. No one should have their business trashed by that POS.

  4. Site if more like HoBully411.

    He'll bully anyone for a dollar.

  5. I boycott every business that advertises on H411.

  6. Isn't 411-loyalist Mooshu a dog-walker? I'm starting to wonder if these business attacks are favors to other businesses. Is there a 411 advertizer that would be a competitor with the "doomed" Trinity?

  7. Yes Little Town New Jersey is a new bar opening up next to Trinity. 411 has done multiple stories about the new stablisment.

  8. Crapola Hoboken411April 17, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    There's no sewer depth Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen won't go to put money into his pocket. Attacking competing businesses is a staple of his and if you see Little Town NJ all over his website don't be surprised as that's the answer for his attack on Trinity.

    As for inane commenter Mooshu Pork, she is a stay at home dog walker. So attacking another dog walking business is just standard operating procedure for Klaussen.

    Shoot the guy attacked a woman saying she was after the Finance Director job and she worked in the software industry. There's no depths the lowlife Perry Klaussen won't go which is why he's so beloved by Beth Mason. They are exactly the same.

  9. For one the police can't do a damned thing. Animal control would need to get involved and of course Hoboken's animal control is a joke. The health department would be the one who actually issues animal cruelty or abuse tickets. The police don't have involvement with animal control and abuse cases, they just call animal control to come pick up the animals if they are involved in a crime or are abandoned.

    I hope someone steals Perry's dog someday. Maybe then he'll learn.


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