Dead Body, Meth Lab, No Fire Suppression, Pee in Elevators...

OUCH, but true

...are just some of the hot potatoes roasting on HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's grill.

It leads one to speculate whether Garcia is in over his head on the one job he has, never mind taking another in Trenton.

Case in point: the pee in HHA elevators.  Is it acceptable to 'diaper' an elevator in $385K vinyl flooring?   Garcia stated at a February meeting the vinyl was installed to keep pee from leaking out onto the elevator controls.  And that's OK?  So non-peeing tenants (and their children) should  have to ride in an elevator wearing Pampers?


Were I ED, I'd install cameras with a zero-tolerance pee policy: one squirt and you're OUT.   That's just me.  Whether it's Maxwell Place or the HHA, building management should not tolerate public urination. 

As for the meth lab, I understand HHA Commissioner Eduardo Gonzales reads GA.

As seen on Da Horsey:
Commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez raised questions about the HHA unit recently raided by police found to be illicitly producing methamphetamine.  Gonzalez referenced seeing a local website outlining environmental damage to the apartment and building itself, a clear reference to a recent story appearing on Grafix Avenger.  Director Garcia said a contracted cleaning service would be responsible for the cleanup and if not able to adequately manage it, would subcontract the required work.  
Aw, c'mon Eduardo... say it!  G-R-A-F-I-X A-V-E-N-G-E-R.  It won't hurt, promise.  (Just teasin'...)

Well, the meth lab was found on April 4th.  It's 2 1/2 weeks later.  Has the place been tested for contamination? Has it been de-contaminated?

Or is it wearing a diaper?

If that wasn't taken care of immediately, well... that's up to the oversight authority, the HHA Board to deal with.  But if my kid lived on that floor at 501 Marshall I'd be screaming my head off.

And let's not forget the recent findings that SIX HHA buildings (including the one with the meth lab) had no working generators, hence no fire suppression.
On October 20, 2012, Executive Director Garcia announced that  HHA's Fire Protection contract was "being awarded to Total Fire Safety" (meeting transcript- page 49) On February 14, 2013- 4 months later- Hoboken Fire Department Chief Blohm presented the results of his department's recent inspection: abysmal safety violations, life threatening conditions-- SIX buildings with NO fire suppression, non-working electric panels, non-working generators among others.  If the contract was awarded in October, how were such egregious, hazardous safety conditions allowed to languish for months?
So, clearly there is plenty of work to do over there to make the place safe,  sanitary and contamination-free.  The HHA Executive Director has his hands full without a second career.

Which brings me to my next question: why is Vision 20/20 proposing to increase current resident population by 25% when management is struggling with the population we HAVE?



  1. GA.... I think your last question should be asked of Mello and Lincoln who both voted to go forward with the new plan and the increase in the population of the HHA... I'd like to know what they were thinking when they cast their vote...

    I'd also like to know why Melo and Lincoln took the Ex. Dir. word that the developer they were awarding the contract satisfied all the specs of the RFP... didn't HUD question the Ex. Dir.'s awarding of the contract to Daglian... Did I read into it or was it a thinly veiled accusations of bid rigging??

  2. Yes, so many questions about what is clearly a serious crisis in management long before the meth lab or recent death. What will it take to give Garcia his 120 days notice? Reform needs a deputy director, a new lawyer and an independent audit of the HHA a.s.a.p..

    Stuiver appears to be trying to lead the charge for reform and accountability. He should not have been the only vote opposing the planned 20/20 expansion at the last meeting. It should have been a 3-3 tie (with Burrell missing). Lincoln and Mello's votes are incomprehensible.

    It's really quite simple: the louder and harder Garcia pushes with threats of deadlines or legal action the more reform needs to slow down the process; the more reform hears from Mama Russo, Belfiore, Campos, Occhipinti and Co. at the microphone the more reform needs to slow down the process and whenever in doubt reform needs to slow down the process.

  3. Vision 20/20 is an absolute scandal.

    Ask the average citizen if he knows that there is a plan in the works to increase the population of HHA.

    As a follow-up ask him if he understands the VBM scam and explain it to him.

    Then ask him if he still wants anyone who has not loudly publicized this information to be representing him.

    Phil, please run.

  4. The votes don't have to be incomprehensible if someone asks them to explain. Maybe GA can?


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