City Council Softee

What do you do with City Council members that scare children about the demise of Mister Softee but won't pay their grandparents' HFD retirement benefits?

(The rumor about Mr. Softee is FALSE- he's NOT being kicked out from selling his delicious ice cream at Church Square Park.  The FAKE controversy was started by Council members Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano  in THEIR petition on Changeorg:

Is it true that Timmy called in the complaint about the truck's noise so he could post his petition and politicize an ice cream truck? Rumors, rumors, everywhere.  I don't believe that one myself.

WHERE is this Mr. Softee complaint?  Maybe GA will OPRA it.

What kind of people scare kids about Mr. Softee getting the boot?

The kind who would distract you with a ginned-up ice cream controversy so you don't notice they won't pay retirement benefits to our City's courageous HFD.

Yep, that's right.

City Council members Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano were so busy collecting signatures for their imaginary Mr. Softee Jihad they NO-SHOWED at last night's City Council meeting for a VOTE on retirement benefits for Hoboken's retired firefighters.

They CAN'T blame this one on Zimmer- or Bhalla, Mello, Giattino and Cunningham. THEY SHOWED UP for the HFD.

Timmy (and Terry) care more about the fate of an ice cream cone than the fate of retired firefighters!
HFD: Timmy, Terry, Mikey, and Bethy are playing POLITICS with your RETIREMENT benefits. Imagine that.

Well, GA has a quiz for Tim Occhipinti, Terry Castellano, Mike Russo and Beth Mason.  It's written for Timmy to understand:


Okay, now that you know what these clowns did last night-- SKIP the meeting to SKIP the vote on retirement benefits for Hoboken's brave and courageous firefighters, who NEVER skipped out on US when it came to putting their lives on the line...

GA broke it down for you, what the benefits ARE ("terminal pay") and what they are NOT (the Council obstructionists continue to blow smoke up our a---es- they lie like a rug).

Terminal Leave FUN FACTS
  1. Terminal leave is not salary.
  2. Terminal leave is not a pension cost.
  3. It is a retirement benefit based upon number of years of service. 
  4. The State permits Terminal leave to be spread out over five years-- for budget purposes. 
  5. The City is allowed to finance the cost with the use of short term five year notes so that the firefighters can be paid immediately upon retirement. 
  6. Spreading the cost out in this way protects taxpayers from a tax hike when a large number retire in a single year. 
  7. A large number of HFD took early retirement in 2012 to avoid Gov. Christie's pension cuts.
  8. Occhipinti, Russo, Castellano and Mason FAILED to show up last night to VOTE to finance Terminal leave with 5 year notes.  Their refusal to support financing Terminal leave is 100% guaranteed to DRIVE UP TAXES.
  9. Occhipinti ALWAYS shows up for Mr. Softee.


  1. Driving Alert! The STOP signs on Mr. Softee [and others which are classified as DESERT Trucks] have to be obeyed. It's a serious infraction of NJ Traffic Statures and carries a four point loss on your driver's license.

  2. There's not much of us left on Timmy's head but now we have a royal like turban of ice cream!
    Thank you very much Grafix Avenger.

    Can't speak about Timmy's moronic insistence terminal leave be paid out from the surplus. Yeah we know Timmy's kinda dumb but we're just the last of his hair. Brrr it's cold here.

  3. Not that I wouldn't put it past them but how do you know it is them and not one of their other morones?


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