BREAKING: Meth Lab Found in Occhipinti Campaign Worker's Apt!'s breaking story by Claire Moses

Unbelievable!  A meth lab  running out of an HHA building- the apartment at 501 Marshall Drive, and it's tenant arrested!

The accused is Cynthia Rivera, a Tim Occhipinti "Campaign worker" in both 2010 and 2011 municipal elections!

Ms. Rivera was paid $40 by the Tim Occhipinti campaign on 10/26/10 for her campaign work:

page 22 of  Occhipinti's 20-Day Posteelection ELE filed on 1/7/11

Ms. Rivera was paid $35 (a $5 pay cut from the previous year) by the Occhipinti campaign for her campaign work on May 11, 2011.  

page 29 of Occhipinti's 20-Day Postelection ELEC filed on 6/1/2011.

Oh, boy!  This certainly raises lots of questions.

The questions are for Executive Director of the HHA, Carmelo Garcia and for Tim Occhipinti, whose campaign employed Ms. Rivera in 2 electionWrs and who has made several recent appearances at HHA meetings.

What kind of work did Rivera DO for the Occhipinti campaign?  


  1. judging by Timmy's behavior at meetings, I wouldn't be surprised if Timmy is her best customer.

  2. Campaign worker? Give me a break.

  3. One of his "campaign workers" in 2010 and 2011 was just arrested today for operating a meth lab out of her HHA apartment within 1000 feet of a school? Nice. The article on Patch says that she allegedly rented out rooms to the "chemists" to mix their odious poison. I wonder, who knew what, when they knew about it, and how could an operation like this go unnoticed and she actually be paid by a political campaign. A cynic might say that turning a blind eye to these types of shenanigans is purposeful and meant to keep a certain element in the HHA to keep people in line at election time. A cynic may say that, but not me. No, not me. A cynic may also say that the Hoboken police won't look past the meth lab issues and ask her what she actually knows about her "campaign work" for TO. A cynic may say that, but not me, no, not me. Because the Hoboken police are too busy investigating TO's imaginary Vulcan Death Grip threat. Yes indeed, that Vulcan Death Grip is much more dangerous to the quality of life in Hoboken than some pesky old meth lab in the HHA and weeding out voter fraud. Yes, indeed.

  4. Hope this doesn't hope Beth Mason's plans to run Timmy for mayor. Everyone here in the HHA who is being taken care of and hooked up with Garcia is really pumped up to get behind Timmy. Okay, well gotta jet now because the lab is almost cooked and don't wanna see it blow Yo!

  5. I wonder if she is an HHA employee? Has the list ever shown up? Where's the transparency, Carmelo? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Carmelo is MIA at the HHA from what I heard. Its a free for all.

  7. "whose campaign employed Ms. Garcia in 2 elections and who has made several recent appearances at HHA meetings." Don't you mean Ms. Rivera?
    Curious to see what other 4th ward elections she may have contributed to.

  8. It's impossible that the meth lab was unknown. The stench alone would be a tip off. As a federal housing project, there is zero tolerance for drug activity. Would that this was ever enforced in Hoboken. In the case of meth labs, they have such a high rate of explosion, those in the know put many lives at risk:


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