It's never, ever coming out.  Ever.
Hello, folks. My contractor handed back my house  last Thursday... and except for some punch-list work, renovations are done! 


For folks who may not know, GA's house got whacked by superstorm Sandy last October. Renovations began mid-February; my first floor was gutted down to the floor joists. *Sigh*  It is so nice to have a kitchen again... 
So, GA's spent the last few days getting my house in order- literally.  Moving back, acquiring furniture then trying to fit it through the front door.

Think I'm kidding?

I fell in love with the antique chair pictured above, measured it, and thought it would just fit. Well, no.... it got stuck on the ornamental carving on the legs. (These legs don't come off- the thing is solid cherry.  And must weigh 60 lbs) So, had to remove the storm door and frame... didn't fit.  Then the front door... still didn't fit.  It was too big to go through the window.  So we took off the door strike hardware and shims... prayed, then huffed and we puffed and pushed it through. Truly a reverse-birth experience, like shoving the baby back through the birth canal--a living room was born!

Without an epidural.  Though I could use back surgery...

No kidding, GA's no worker-ant that can haul 800 times it's body weight. Can anybody recommend a good acupuncturist?  Or chiropractor?  Or a chiropractor with needles?

I am ecstatic it's 'over' but my heart goes out to friends and neighbors still displaced, or those who haven't begun yet for various reasons.   If anyone is interested, my contractor is absolutely FANTASTIC...  if you would like a referral, contact:

In the meantime, I have been not following the goings-on in Hoboken and have to catch up.

And in our crazy town, that means I've missed a half-dozen news cycles. 


  1. welcome back, we've all missed your posts. glad to hear you are settling back into the groove, look forward to future stories as only you can do!

  2. and i might take you up on that contractor referral. :)

  3. Thank you, dear me! That's very kind. I'm such a critter-of-the internet I had to walk away from it for a few days or else would not have gotten a thing done. I still have lots more to do (like find my dishes, silverware some pots and pans entombed in my basement crawl space) but am so, so happy to be back.

    Yes, by all means, he is excellent.

  4. welcome back GA! since you've been gone Perry has been ripping apart local businesses left and right, Elysian he shit on today and he lives next door? Some asshole neighbor Perry is since he lives next door? Could a cue stick reminder be in his future, some think so.


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