A Kinder, Gentler Mason?

GA found this in my Inbox yesterday:
Good morning. 
The Queen of mean was trolling the ferry line this morning. Smiling and handing out the attached. Seems like she is using the pretense of art patron and caring for moms to draw the unsuspecting into her lair. (a palindrome for liar). 
Have a nice day.

Absent from my last two Zoning Board meetings were Mason's camera boy and his Dad, who've been regular attendees since March 27, 2012.  Gathering stock footage was never the point, as they've shot enough of me to circle the equator.  The idea was to be there with one, sometimes 2 cameras pointed at yours truly. It's become a joke on the board, in fact. 

Then of course, there's that weird press release that came out after the water main breaks, a 2-part mystery.  Part one, the the tossing of Anthony Russo under the bus:
In an open letter, Mason calls for cooperation between factions of the City Council, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and North Hudson Sewerage Authority to work together "to stabilize and strengthen our infrastructure." 

Like Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Mason put the blame for the failing infrastructure on "previous administrations" for allowing "campaign contributors to adversely influence important city planning decisions."


Part Two, kissy-face with Mayor Zimmer and Frank Raia.  From Mason's release:
Although debate among government officials is sometimes contentious, Mayor Zimmer, my City Council colleagues, and I all believe that protecting the health, welfare, and safety of residents is our number one priority. North Hudson Sewerage Authority Commissioner Frank Raia assures me that he will provide whatever support is necessary to stabilize and strengthen our infrastructure.
Mason's press release on March 28, came a day after Stack's pick for the Hoboken's Assembly slot was reported in PolitickerNJ, HHA Director Carmelo Garcia.   It's rumored that Ruben Ramos' machinations behind-the-scenes made it all happen. The buzz is that Mason and Raia were pissed.  Mason has ignored Ramos' mayoral candidacy from Day 1, signs are the blackout of coverage on her tabloid Hoboken411.com and the burying of Ruben's announcement on page 2 of the Hoboken Reporter.  Russo is said to be supporting Ramos.  Rumor has it that Masons tired of being 'used' by the Russos.  And Frank's been the guy running the VBM harvests over at the HHA.

What does this all mean?  Who knows.  But that was one big suck-up to Raia. And, as many have already pointed out, the Hudson Sewage Authority has nothing to do with Hoboken water mains or maintaining them.

Then of course there's my friend Al Sullivan, who has NEVER smoked crack but occasionally writes like he has... (aw, just kiddin' ya, Al).

Now he's been reporting about overtures to the Mayor, making peace, and so forth.

Well, look.  We know that Mason's anchovy is constantly on the horn with the folks over at the Reporter, plying them with nonsense.  So, here's what Sully wrote, in part:

Mason has already made peace overtures to Zimmer, and it is likely that there will be more.

 Oh, Al honey.  There ARE no peace overtures until Mason STOPS underwriting that crappy Doyle lawsuit.  NONE.  Anything else is window dressing.  Until that junk lawsuit withers up and blows away, there's not a Kumbaya to be heard in the Mile Square.

Beth Mason reminds me of the Lucille Ball character in I Love Lucy.

It's one scheme after another, one crazy stunt on top of another crazy stunt- over and over and over;  this didn't work so let's try that... that didn't work so let's try this...  all because she wants to be a STAR.  Swap 'Hollywood' with 'Washington D.C.'.

But the Lucy character was funny and endearing. Nobody ever got hurt from one of her schemes.  No taxpayers ever got ripped off paying for bogus lawsuits.  She never tried to close a hospital, she never stopped infrastructure improvements in her city, she never shut down Pier C park.

GA believes people can change for good, or bad.  Let's see.


  1. Satanic Majesty of Beth MasonApril 18, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    Look don't get your hopes up. Everything from beginning to end is all about Beth Mason. Let's make Beth Mason look good not just evil to the supporters of the Dark Side.

    Mason will be hosting kids art and doing whatever she can to lift the political stigma around the less than legal operations of the Mason Civic League.

    Problems there can bring down not only her Satanic Majesty but the underwriter - the funder of her political operations.

    The smell you smell is trouble brewing beneath the surface.

  2. Beth Mason has the cultural sensibilities of a lobotomized Glenn Beck at a Fart Convention.

    Can you picture it? "Hey Fat Matt, get off your ass and escort me to the opera, I've got airs to put on."

    "Sure, be right there Sugar Mama, just wait til WWE Raw is over!"

    "WWE Raw? Really? Forget the opera, move over, big boy, and pass the popcorn!"

  3. I don't think Beth is capable of an action that is devoid of political calculation. She could not even do this with the entire city suffering, living without the most basic necessities, and throwing out vast heaps of personal belongings in the wake of Sandy.

    So you may safely rule out anything akin to 'seeing the light'. Or she'd drop the ruinous Doyle suit

    The irony of Mason's public life is that she is terrible at the political calculations that guide her every move. You would think by constant repetition alone... No matter, this is just another scam recommended by yet another someone who laughs all the way to the bank.

    The width, breadth, and depth of Mason's attention span is exactly one cubic news cycle. Only her loathing for Zimmer and reform is impressive in its scope and durability. Thus the Doyle suit continues against a backdrop of meaningless public gestures.

    If you want to know what Mason really thinks, read curious gal and her doppelgangers. Best ever: the venom-spitting, Springtime Enthusiast.

    Springtime Enthusiast. I love how she keeps coming up with these names. Not unlike Mason. She hopes you will be disarmed by this and not think about that. I'm just a Curious Gal. I'm just a Springtime Enthusiast.

    But most of all I just really hate Zimmer and reform and will not rest comfortably until both are destroyed.

    Mason and CG are a perfect pair. Always have been. Don't be taken in by Beth the Springtime Enthusiast glimpsed on the ferry. Like her blogger she lives to manipulate public opinion and does not really care who wins or who is hurt or who suffers as long as the right people lose. Vile.

    1. Agreed, never-ending calculations fueled by a bottomless checkbook and a gaggle of parasites.

      Best to ignore the drivel on Patch. I've stopped reading those comment threads. Whatever pseudonym the sickness is manifesting itself in today or tomorrow or the next day is best ignored. Shunning is my recommendation. Really and truly.

  4. The untreated pathology of narcissistic personality disorder leads the ill person toward wherever they believe they will receive the most attention, good or bad. Like a shapeless, unicellular amoeba, they do not think but respond to light and heat.


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