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Well, folks.  GA's been telling you for some time that Tim Occhipinti is mounting a mayoral campaign.  If the roll-out wasn't clear enough from the Whitehorse Strategies Op-Ed which quoted Fiorello LaGuardia (a guy Tim thinks was named for an airport in Queens) accusing Zimmer of not fixing potholes that he killed funding for... then how about the latest petition campaign to acquire two tiny corner parks at First and Jackson?

Note both initiatives take dead-aim at Zimmer and are constructed of opposition talking points.

And there's nothing tepid about Timmy's rhetoric.

Tim's the kind of guy who'd kill a gnat with a stick of dynamite.  No, Zimmer's "incompetent", "selfish", "Zimmer cannot get the most simple and fundamental of issues done",  "You Can't Trust Zimmer to Fix a Pothole." The rhetoric is so unconvincingly over-the-top, and it's only March- that by September you should expect him to compare her to Ted Bundy, Pol Pot and Orca the Killer Whale.

My insider, Insider,  told me that "smoke was blown up Tim's ass" about how he could take down Goliath, and so he's come out swinging, only no one is swinging back and barely anyone is listening.

Speaking of barely anyone listening, Timmy's 'people'  arranged a glowing piece on  Timmy's 'Tiny Corners' park petition on the cyber-ghost town, Hoboken411.com.

What is Tim's 'Tiny Corners' petition about?

With all the fanfare of a one-man band, Timmy's reaching out to the mommy-demographic with a petition drive for the City to purchase lots at 2 corners on 1st and Jackson Streets.

Well, GA is all for parks.

Especially large 6-acre ones where kids can play sports and small ones can run around unfettered by close proximity to street traffic- like the park that Timmy voted DOWN.  You know, the 6-acre Southwest park in the 4th Ward that the city had a 3-million dollar Open Space grant for, only Timmy voted NO to let the city BUY the property.   No  6-acre Park, and $3,000,000 of 'free money' wasted.

From Patch, June 4, 2012, two days before Timmy voted NO on the 6 acre Southwest park:
Whether or not the city will be able to use eminent domain as a negotiation tool in the process of buying a piece of parkland in Southwest Hoboken. That is the question on the city council's plate this week.  The city council passed the use of eminent domain on first reading a few weeks ago. Before it can become law, the ordinance needs to pass again. The council also approved the measure last year, to help facilitate the city to buy a piece of land in the Fourth Ward. The city has until the end of August to buy the land, before a $3 million grant from the county expires.
Thank you, Timmy!

Well, he wants voters to forget about killing the mayor's efforts to purchase park land, and to squander a $3,000,000 gift from the County... so he's making a big stink over buying 2 tiny corner lots in his ward.   A petition is merely political theater, like asking children to petition for free ice cream.    A petition presupposes there's opposition to the proposal. I'm guessing there is none, only logistics of finding out whether it is possible then how it can be done.

Why doesn't Timmy just bring his proposal to the attention of the City Council, or speak to the Mayor privately?

Because... that would be governing. 

So, Hoboken411 still hasn't mentioned these 2 words: Ruben Ramos.  But he's all over Tim's 'Tiny Parks' proposal.  The problem?  No one's reading- except for one commenter 'blueskyrunning' who posted this yesterday:
Sounds like a bad trade – potentially giving up 6 acres for 2 little corners.

I’m willing to wait to have this done the right way. The legal issues are temporary, but the decisions on parks last forever.
Uh-oh... so, who stepped in to respond to the single commenter?

Hoboken411: Ruben who?

Tim Occhipinti, BLOGGER!

Timmy's reply:
I want to clarify that I am 100% supportive of SW6 (SW6 Plan http://www.hobokenspc.org/?page_id=75).

However, these two lots can be purchased now in addition to building the much-needed 6-acre park. By purchasing these two lots and turning them into green open space for the few thousand people in the SW part of Hoboken, it in no way minimizes or undermines the urgent need for a 6 acre park in that area.

I am hoping that Mayor Zimmer will put forth a comprehensive plan for a 6-acre park in SW Hoboken before her first term is up this year, especially since she has been promising to build this park for six years.

Um... the Mayor DID that and YOU (Timmy) voted it DOWN.

Don't believe GA or even Patch?  

Check out this global news site, FirstPost.com, that operates out of Mumbai, India:

The FirstPost.com News Agency reported:

Tim Occhipinti - "NO" on Southwest Park

At a Hoboken City Council meeting with a Southwest Park finally before it possibly using eminent domain powers on a surface parking lot, Tim Occhipinti states why he will not vote in favor. Or rather, he mostly spends time not explaining his vote but attacking others for not having a SW park earlier.


Timmy's own record voted against the interests of Hoboken and it's residents is just beginning to bite him in the ass as he launches what is guaranteed to be an entertaining mayoral campaign.

The folks in Mumbai have sure got his number.


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