Timmy Closes Kids' Park

Fresh from his Op-Ed calling our female mayor "incompetent" and suggestion that Hoboken is "too complex" for the little-lady to handle, Tim Occhipinti has turned against the children of Hoboken.

TIMMY has CLOSED Pier C Park.  
Timmy was the 5th vote needed to approve a fully-funded $82,000 engineering contract to repair Hurricane Sandy damage to Pier C Park.  According to Patch:
The opening of the park is further delayed, according to the city, because a $82,000 professional service contract wasn't approved by the city council on Wednesday night.
The city asked the council to approve the contract with Boswell Engineering for rehabilitation of Pier C Park after damage done due to Sandy, but the vote failed in 4-4 stalemate, with the mayor's opponents voting "no."
You get it?  The four City Council opponents WON'T LET THE CITY FIX THE PARK.

The money is there.  The Mayor and her allies on the City Council want to proceed so the park can open ASAP.  But Tim Occhipinti, Mike Russo, Beth Mason and Theresa Castellano voted "NO" to let Boswell get working on the hurricane-damaged park.

Which means come Springtime, our kids can forget about enjoying our beautiful waterside park.

Timmy's war on kids continues.   Last June, he stopped the City from buying land for the proposed 6-acre Southwest Park.  Now he proposes (perhaps at 3-4 times the  price) buying 2 tiny little corners in the 4th Ward; neither big enough for a ball game or much more than a couple of benches.  The proximity to street traffic make these two parks less than suitable for small children.

Why didn't Occhipinti vote for acquiring land for a large Southwest park in his own ward?  Why is he voting against fixing Pier C Park?  Why is he proposing 2 tiny inadequate street corners and calling them "parks"?

For Occhipinti, it's ALL POLITICS all the time.

Explain that to your kids.


  1. Oh Timmy needs to sell this more! NJT and TIMMY present the 4th Ward Area! Since it is a small piece of land it can be a vertical water park and have tons of bus parking!


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