Stuiver to Stay on HHA Unless...

Leaving "no stone unturned"
...clear substantive evidence is found in the HUD statutes that address a residency requirement for board members.

What's this about?

GA spoke with HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver this morning, and here's what he told me.

Stuiver's Hoboken residency ended one week ago today, Monday, March 18 2013.  Stuiver was compelled to leave for 2 reasons: post-Sandy health and safety issues in his home and aging family members needing assistance.

Last Monday, Stuiver sent a memo to HHA General Counsel Charles Daglian requesting an inquiry into statutes governing board members' residency requirements.  He stated his commitment to continue to serve on the HHA until a replacement can be found. 

Daglian responded midweek with a memo that he was mindful of how important the matter was and that he "would leave no stone unturned" (Stuiver's words) as to what the outcome should be.

GA also learned that so far,  a thorough review of applicable HUD statutes had turned up no residency requirement, meaning Jake could continue his Chairmanship of the HHA board.

And so, assuming this outcome, GA wonders what direction the Reform majority will go under the Chairman?

Are Reform board members supportive of a Reform agenda or are any averse to reforming the HHA?

It will be very interesting to see where the Board goes under Stuiver's expected continuation on as leader of the HHA Board.