Shadowy PAC Jumps in Hoboken Race

Everybody remember this 2009 piece of mayoral campaign lit from some shadowy Washington PAC called, "Building America Committee"?

On it was Mayor Dave Roberts morphing into Dawn Zimmer:

click image to enlarge

GA always wanted to ask Mayor Roberts if he liked wearing that dress. 

Well, good campaign iconography never dies so it looks like a new shadowy PAC is trying to influence our mayoral race.  It's called "People For Mayors Smarter Than Cabbage."

Here it is, fresh from GA's mailbox:

click image to enlarge

Wow!  This race is sure starting early!

Timmy hasn't even declared... yet.


  1. You forgot my favorite, when Dawn was morphed into Newt Gingrich!

    1. Ha! I don't remember that one. You kidding? If not, have you (still) got it?

  2. RE: Dave Roberts...that rumor has been going around for 20 years


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