Russo Strikes a Pose

GA could hardly believe that Councilman Mike Russo bitched about "blogs" taking his picture at last night's meeting- and after he posed for Da Horsey outside of Council Chambers.

Especially funny for GA- Beth Mason sends her videographer, Tim Brendel, to every ZBA meeting; she's been doing it for a year.  Did I ever complain?  Cry like a  bitch?  Nope, it goes with the territory of 'public official'.  GA just ignores him.

Not Mike Russo. Waaaaah.  Boo hoo.  Somebody call a Waaaaaahmbulance!

In honor of Russo whining like a little girl who dropped her lollipop, GA is launching a magazine.

Russo photo credit: MSV



  2. hahaha!!! love it..jimmy bazz

  3. If you just told me about those make-up choices, I'd be skeptical. But I have to admit, he makes it work. They don't give those magazine covers to just anyone. Is it some kind of Beth-convergence thing? I bet Occhi-pothole is next.


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