New Diner Opens in Union County

The NY Post has the details

I wonder what's on the menu?  

GA is looking forward to posting one when it becomes available.

Updated- 2:24 PM
The link to the court documents- including email exhibits- was sent to me earlier... yikes.   Wow, that  stuff is hardcore, I mean XXX...raw. 

No, I am not going to post them.   The link is:

 Why would anyone put that kind of stuff in an email?


  1. Hi can I get an extra gargly blow n go, to go? Looks like a late night over at the Hudson Cunty Planning Board.

  2. Read the certification, don't just go to the porno emails (which are beyond X rated and NSFW). It is a devasting indictment of the Cryan Dynasty and the harm and personal destruction that a politician with with unlitmied resources can cause. HHHHmmmmm......

  3. Holy! What an IDIOT!!!! A despicable loser on top of it! His family must be so proud.

  4. This tale reveals a sad, pathetic person who like a lot of people engaged in secret affairs found out that it's a lot of phone calls (in this case "sexting") for a little bit of bad sex. Don't know what the girlfriend saw in this less-than-average looking guy, but just as with the short, ugly, war criminal Kissinger, power must be an aphrodisiac.

    The REAL story is the abuse of County resources to conduct the affair and then intimidate the jilted, stalking girlfriend.

    Perhaps this will help force the Union and Essex County bosses to release their death-grip on Hoboken and Hudson County.

  5. I agree, the kink is a red herring. Take that away, and you have an affair ending with an outrageous abuse of power. Most importantly, they got away with it. They ruined her life. Revealing his kinks (and hers to what seems to be a lesser degree) won't change that. What about this story will make the next politician afraid to do this to the next thrown-over lover?



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