MORT Votes "NO" to 9-11 Memorial

Last night, Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo, Beth Mason and Theresa Castellano voted "NO" to honor Hoboken victims of 9-11 with a permanent memorial.

The rest of us will never forget you.

Joao A. "J.J." Aguiar Jr., 30
Jean A. Andrucki, 43
Peter Apollo, 26
Marty Boryczewski, 29
Nick Brandemarti, 21
Swarma Chalasani, 33
Christopher Colasanti, 33
Michael S. Costello, 27
Christopher Cramer, 34
Gavin Cushny, 47
Neil Dollard, 28
Douglas DiStefano, 24
Michael DeRienzo, 37
Margaret Echtermann, 33
Jeffrey B. Gardner, 36
Michael Edward Gould, 29
Scott Hazelcorn, 29
Joseph Ianelli
Matthew Horning, 26
Thomas Knox, 31
Donna Bernaerts-Kearns, 44
Greg Malone, 42
Marc A. Murolo
Katie McGarry-Noack, 30
George McLaughlin Jr., 36
Michael Mullin, 27
John Murray, 32
Martin S. Niederer, 23
Brian Novotny, 33
Keith K. O'Connor, 28
Lesley Thomas O'Keefe, 40
Dominique Pandolfo, 27
Jon A. Perconti Jr., 32
Scott Rohner, 22
Joshua Rosenblum, 28
Nick Rowe, 29
Ronald Ruben, 36
Richard L. Salinardi, 32
James Kenneth Samuel Jr., 29
John Schroeder, 32
Alex Steinman, 32
Melissa Vincent, 28
James Patrick White, 34
Deborah Lynn Williams, 35
Michael Wittenstein, 34

video by Gregory Bond


  1. I look at this list and can't help but think about how old they would be today and where they would be in life. The experiences that were cut short; getting married, having a family, buying a home.

    God bless the families and friends that deeply loved them and miss them.

    Thank you GA for honoring them.

    1. I know. It is heartbreaking.

      I pray they found peace.

  2. The MORTe's don't care if "out of towners" died on 9/11.

  3. Speechless. Where is the bottom with these folks? What's left?

  4. Those from Hoboken who were murdered on 9/11 may be gone, but they left behind family, friends(myself included)and others in our community who loved them deeply and cherish their memory.

    This shovel-ready project does not have a shovel big enough for their bullshit and they scratch at a scar that will not heal when they play destructive political games with our emotions over this memorial.

    They have no conscience, they have no shame, they have no decency, morals or ethics. Let's be sure they soon have no council seats.

    1. Cruel beyond words.

      So they are forcing family members of the deceased to go to the City Council and ask why they've refuse to honor their family members? Horrible.

      I hope the mainstream NYC media picks this up.


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