Mayor Tim: Booze NOT Buses

left: Tim voted against 5 HOP buses, later voted against replacing 2 HOPs damaged by Sandy right: Tim would rather spend the money on a PARADE

If you ask GA what's more offensive than out-of-towners turning Hoboken into a giant urinal and puking station for a day, there is one thing: politicians calling this alcohol-fueled piss-fest: "a prime chance to show the state -- and the world -- that Sandy may have knocked our city down, but we're back on our feet, open for business, and ready to be better than ever."

That was Tim Occhipinti, the lamb-chop that Beth Mason's going to run for mayor Or as. Al Sullivan put it: "Mason reportedly would like to see Hoboken Councilman Tim Occhipinti run against Zimmer – talk about sending a lamb into the slaughter"
Mason had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb...
Mason had a little lamb, whose name was Timmy O.
Jamie Cryan said this:  "After Sandy, we should be walking down the middle of the Avenue with a great sense of pride... I don’t know if it is hatred, stubbornness, bad advice or foolishness driving the decision..."

You get their message?

Hoboken was awash in black water in October.  Timmy and Jamie want us to be awash in booze and piss in March, to "show the world... we're  back."

That is precisely how tone-deaf, shallow and stunningly insensitive these DISASTER-OPPORTUNISTS are.  

We're NOT back. Maybe they are.  

Yet they are telling residents who are still displaced, renovating or need to but can't afford it, still replacing destroyed property like cars and furniture, haggling with insurance companies, and healing the scars of lost personal momentos....  family photographs, a child's art work...  that we are "back" and need to "show the world".

I don't know a single person who got flooded who is "back".

Even those lucky ones done with renovation and replacement of property are dealing with psychological realities of how one's life and property can be destroyed overnight, and economic realities of secondd mortgages or  loans to pay off.  Nobody who has FIXED their property wants strangers to barf and piss on it to "show the world" Hoboken is back."

GA doesn't give a shit what "the world" thinks.

I'm midway through a gut renovation- been without a kitchen for 3 weeks, living surrounded stuff like you see on a "Hoarders" TV episode, my backyard piled with wrecked belongings and momentos that I am unready to 'part' with.

My neighbors are in various stages of the same- families living huddled upstairs or they've moved out entirely while repairs are done. Ask THEM is they're "back."

 Ask the little girl I know at Wallace who's been living upstairs with her grandma while her garden-level apartment is being renovated by her parents. All her furniture, clothes and toys gone. Ask this little girl if she's "back". And if she cares what the "world" thinks.


While these 2 SHALLOW politicians are peddling a drunk-fest as a symbol the world needs to see to know we're "back."

Timmy cares more about what the "world" thinks than how Hoboken RESIDENTS live. Ask Timmy why he'll spend OUR money ($150-$200K) on hosting a one-day parade than buying MUCH- NEEDED HOP buses for residents!

(Short answer: the HOP was a Zimmer-Sacs initiative, and so it must die)

Before Sandy, Tim would NOT let the City buy 5 HOP buses to replace malfunctioning ones- as a result one of the HOP routes had to shut down, stranding seniors and other residents who ride them. After Sandy, Tim refused to fund replacement of 2 DESTROYED HOP buses! Finally he let the City by only ONE. But haggled mercilessly over the cost- $100K.

$100K for a small bus sounds right, considering the average mid-sized family car costs in the range of $25-35K. And a family car has nothing fancy- no hydraulics controls for handicapped accessibility or other accoutrements required for public transit.

Imagine, flooded-out Connors pre-schoolers would ride the HOP to Brandt and save a daily 16-block trek. But, Timmy wants to spend at least $150K on a ONE DAY parade!

That's right, Tim wants to throw a big party to "show the world" we are "back" while our pre-K kids are schlepping 16 blocks because Timmy wont pay for new HOP buses!

GA has a slogan for Tim's mayoral campaign- never mind " a chicken in every pot", Tim says:


GA wishes to thank Timmy and Jamie for driving ever more voters to vote for Reform.