Lepre-showers Bring May Flowers?

Well, the final results are in: Hoboken's 2nd Annual Lepre-Con 'event' has been a bit of a disappointment for golden-shower enthusiasts, but for the rest of us it's all good.

Yep, those who enjoy a refreshing spray from a house-party window  or watching a  drunk  Leper-con hitch her skirt up and squat by the curb, are calling this year's celebration of um...  uh... whatever...  a wash-out.  Because the amount of bodily fluids splashed in 2013 are down by several metric tons from 2012.

One reason: two days before the Leper-con invasion, all four corners of Hoboken were carpet-bombed with plastic relief stations better known as 'Port-a-Potties.'

While those who prefer clean streets were 'relieved' by the sight of them, others not so much.  And so in an act of Lepre-Terrorism, they tied up them up with yellow tape so they could not be breeched by drunken Leper-cons.... and so...

... the streets of Hoboken once again flowed with Lepre-fluids.  As did the aisles of Tunes on Washington Street.

Still, there was a reduction in this behavior from the previous year.  Next time, the City should consider removing the yellow tape.

Better yet, how about the event organizers paying for the Port-a-Potties and the 200 police officers and the clean-up?

Why does Hoboken have PRIVATE Event Promoters making a personal profit off of  the TAXPAYERS' backs?

They are: 

ROOM 84 

Maybe we should call the event Branco-Con?

Here's an email I got from a friend whose home was vandalized by some inebriated Lepre-Guests:  

They ripped off the 150 lb slab from my property. It happened between 9 and 10 last night. It is the slab on top of the wall around the staircase to the basement. They left it on my sidewalk next to the wall. Heard screaming all night long. Is there anywhere that property owners can complain about vandalism to their property? I think the city should have something like that set up. This should be swept under a rug it wasn't a wonderful calm evening in town like some would like us to believe.

If the City (WE) have to pay for this bullshit, then the handful of bars who are profiting from it should PAY for the damaged property and the COST to Hoboken.

Have you EVER heard of an event promoter throwing a party for 5,000 guests with NO ACCOUNTABILITY for other people's losses? 

Have you ever heard of an Event Promoter who throws massive alcohol-fueled  parties WITHOUT INSURANCE?  

What is the recourse for homeowners with property damage due to this 'event'?

These promoters sold t-shirts to expedite entry to their bars, and increase volume of alcohol consumed (via discounts)... the objective of a 'pub-crawl' is continuous drinking at a variety of locations- impossible to monitor the amount of alcohol consumed by wandering patrons.

This over-indulgence leads to incredible drunkenness- even alcohol poisoning and the kind of disorderly behavior that makes residents pissed (pun intended).  These greedy promoters are pushing over-indulgence and we (the public) pay for the consequences.


How about EACH Promoter donating $20,000 or 50% of their Leprecon profits to RebuildHoboken.org?   

The event was peddled as 'a sign to the world Hoboken recovered from Sandy.'  That's what you call exploitation of a tragedy. These Event Promoters are enriching themselves to "show the world" we're back" from Sandy- even though we're not.  Adding  insult to injury, residents are footing the bill.

For once I agree with Timmy.  Although after dissing Lepre-Con, there he was, flippity-flop.



  1. I totally concur. I would like the mayor to report EXACTLY how much the city had to spend on this "unofficial" event.

    BUT...let's not overlook that a big part of the problem are the home parties. We must hold our own neighbors accountable.

    Perhaps landlords and condo associations have to set "no parties over X number of people" policies or enforce existing policies with steep fines, etc.

    1. Good idea. Let's not even pretend this has anything to do with St. Patrick's Day or Irish pride. It's a payday for the 'Event sponsors' on OUR dime. On top of that, we have to deal with vandalism, public urination and obnoxious behavior.

      Let THEM- the Event Sponsors- pay for it, not us. And, any damage to residents' private property. They should be required to purchase insurance so that the public has some recourse to have their damages paid for.


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