HUD and Rice

It sounds like a recipe, doesn't it?

I'll bet that HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia wishes it were.

MSV reported today that he was served with a Rice Notice for tonight's HHA meeting.  As you may know, Rice gives him a choice to discuss his employment at the HHA either publicly or privately.

GA was Riced once. Remember when that boob Occhipinti read a GA blog post at the City Council like it was Shakespeare, then tried to have me thrown off the ZBAFor a blog post, people.   A piece of satire.  Oh  yeah, did I tell you Timmy & Co. sent the cops to my house?  They left after an hour of grilling- no "criminal investigation" was opened.  Timmy lied.

Anyway if you've never seen Shakespear-ipinti doing this poker-faced reading, it's simply hysterical... you can hear Horsey cracking up.  What a dunce!

Oh yes, I was posting about Carmelo, HUD and Rice. 

I still say it sounds like a recipe.

Well, if I were Carmelo I would do the hearing privately.  (Like I chose to do mine- which drove Beth Mason nuts!  She'd prepared a speech, then  flew off the dais in a pique because she couldn't read it into the public record.)   Now, Carmelo may wish to raise the temperature in the room, but his beef now is with HUD.  Not with Jake or any other Commissioner. GA imagines HUD will be reading HHA transcripts going forward and will note the decorum with which the ED conducts himself. So, it's wiser to think about the Day After.  It can only get worse if all hell breaks loose tonight.

But who listens to me?  Nobody.

So, I read the HUD memo posted on MSV, and one line struck me as ominous.

Doesn't sound like an option, does it? HUD says that Daglian and ED Garcia would be "well-advised" to document contract negotiations to "overcome" (imminent?)  "claims" of...  what?    

So, my advice: skip the theatrics tonight, be cautious and remember the people in the room can do very little for you now.  Now, from HUD and Rice to...

... a gratuitous cat picture. Isn't she cute?

GA's cat


  1. OMG! I'm not sure what's funnier - Timmay's deadpan recital or Horsey's giggling and shaking the camera. I'm splitting my sides here.

    1. I know! Did you ever see a bigger dumb-ass?

  2. I am so looking forward to a mash up of the village idiots greatest hits...thinking of the theme song...

    Wait better yet...the Timmy/Goat mashup


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