HR Publishes Attack on Jews (Letter)

A letter to the Editor in this weeks' Hoboken Reporter by "None of the Above" tells us that Hoboken's "holiday seasons decorations" are not just "gaudy snowflakes"  but "Stars of David  in disguise."

And the letter, which quotes Jamie Cryan's letter previous week, is captioned, "Say goodbye to the carpetbagger from the woods of New England."  

Did you know the "carpetbagger" in question is Jewish?

These disgraceful editorial choices were made by The Hoboken Reporter:

(1) The Hoboken Reporter CHOSE to identify Mayor Zimmer as a "carpetbagger."
The Editor captions the submissions.

The Editor chose to call Mayor Zimmer a "carpetbagger from New England" although the letter itself contains no reference to those word "carpetbagger" and the fact that the mayor does not hail from New Jersey. No reference to carpetbagging is contained in the letter at all.

The Editor introduces that pejorative term for the New Hampshire-born mayor into Hoboken political discourse.

And yes, "carpetbagger" is a deeply pejorative term; coined by Southerners for Northerners trying to take advantage of them after the Civil War, during Reconstruction.  It's used to describe an 'outsider' seeking personal gain by meddling in another city's affairs or politics. 

The Hoboken Reporter- not the letter's author- is framing Mayor Zimmer's political presence at the leadership of Hoboken as "carpet bagging." 

 (2) The Editor CHOSE not remove the anti-Semitic slur- that he/she was "told by a friend" Hoboken's Christmas decorations were "Stars of David" in disguise.
That was an Editorial CHOICE.  The attack on the Jewish "carpetbagger" was left in on purpose, for all to read.

GA can tell you this because I know how letters from others have been edited, fact-checked and vetted with portions removed.  Yes, the Editors do edit.  But they chose not to edit this disgusting swipe at Jews.

The Publisher, David Unger, is Jewish.  Does he know about this?


  1. Friends of the Old GuardMarch 19, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    Look you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. First, if Unger is Jewish no big deal. That Caren Matzner and her managing editor Gene Ritchins are Jewish is no big deal either.

    After all, there's a higher economic interest at stake here among the Hudson Reporter's friends. Money in Hoboken trumps all.

    Just think of these folks as noble capos performing good deeds as they mete out that jew b*^%# her proper whipping before sending her back to New England.

    Somewhere, the Hudson Reporter's sponsor Beth Mason is smiling.

    1. Mason, who also claims to be Jewish, changes religious affiliations at the drop of a Vote-by-Mail ballot. This is an odd and reprehensible letter, but I'm encouraged by the lunacy displayed by the writer because it makes it abundantly clear that the bottom of their barrel can be seen.


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