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"RAGING BOOB at the HHA"  


Synopsis:  In a huge suck-up to poach HHA votes from hometown guy Ruben Ramos, undeclared mayoral candidate Tim Occhipinti stands up to speak on an agenda item at last night's HHA meeting.   Instead of sticking to the agenda, our Star's tongue and larynx go on a rampage.

First, Tim rants about who got a copy of  a devastating  HUD memo not what it said!

That's right!  Our Star demands to know who got a copy of the memo before The Hoboken Reporter and Patch ignore it.  Yes, Tim and his friends wish to HIDE the devastating ethical conduct that the HUD memo points out.  So he rants, "Who, who, who!"  instead of "What, what, what!"

Excellent distraction, oh nimble nitwit!  Remember: where there's smoke, there's more smoke. 

Next, our daring dumb-ass embarks on a series of twists, turns and leaps to subjects ranging from rule-breaking old ladies to alleging the Vision 20/20 Plan is threatened by following proper HUD procedure.  Those darned rules! (What do you expect from a guy who washed up on the City Council on a tsunami of VBMS?)

Plot Twist:  After tedious minutes of deflection and blowing thick, black smoke out of his ass, the POLICE remove Occhipinti from the floor. 

That's what GA calls a happy ending.  Now, for your enjoyment:


The Meeting

Wow!  What a night it was at the HHA!

Not for me- for everyone in the room, but most of all those who stood up to thuggery and intimidation tactics- and you know who you are.  Hint: see below, left.

A partial list of attendees from someone who was there:

There is Ruben Ramos, Mama Russo, Chris Campos, Matt Callichios, Nick Callichio, Perry Belfiore, Barry (not perry) Brendel, Tim Brendel,   Patty Waiters , Ines Keim,  Terry Castellano, Franz Paetzhold, Forde Prigot, Ravi Bhalla, Da Horsey,  Joe Branco...

Wow!  GA heard it was a shit show. 

1. shit show: A description of an event or situation which is characterized by an ridiculously inordinate amount of frenetic activity. Disorganization and chaos to an absurd degree.  


Well to recap, HUD issued a memo to HHA Chairman Stuiver and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia. It may have been triggered by a rumored complaint filed by Garcia to HUD about Stuiver, about the awarding of the HHA General Counsel Charles Daglian's contract.

If that is true, then the plan to nail Stuiver backfired big for Garcia and for HHA General Counsel  Daglian  because the HUD memo was a stern repudiation of Daglian's conduct-- even going as far as warning he may have violated the attorney's code of ethics.  Improprieties in the awarding of the contract were duly noted- HUD called it "legally flawed".  All-in-all the HUD memo  was a scathing rebuke of the conduct of both HHA leadership and the HHA General Counsel.

Now you know WHY the shit show.

GA doesn't know when the memo was received by Stuiver or Garcia, but it's date-stamped March 6.  So, presumably enough  time for Garcia and Stuiver to absorb HUD's condemnation letter and to think of the next step.

For Garcia it was to hire a lawyer and rally his troops. 

For the HHA Chairman it was to place a resolution on the HHA agenda giving the ED 120 days notice.

The problem?

In GA's OPINION, there were 2 lawyers there in the room representing the interests of the Executive Director and none representing the interest of the HUD or the HHA Board.  I believe the Board needs to hire it's own attorney- NOW.  In GA's view, they are legally rudderless without one.  And the one they have, Daglian, has been called out by HUD as engaging in potential ethical violations.

So, what happened?   The resolution was pulled. 

GA thinks that makes perfect sense, until the Board has a legal representative there to speak on it's behalf. and protect it's interests.   GA always says, you never go to the table without a damned good lawyer.  In this case, they (the HHA Commissioners) had none.

So they'll be back for  contract "negotiations".

Well HHA Commissioners, BRING AN ATTORNEY WITH YOU.   Negotiate your little hearts out if you choose. Or bring back your resolution,  Whatever you do should be done LAWFULLY with proper legal guidance Which you need to get.

Of course, GA hears Dark Siders in the room were rejoicing. Yay! Hooray! Weeeee!

Not so fast, my gleeful friends.

GA thinks Jake did the right thing- stopping the process- until the Board is properly represented and duly protected against frivolous litigation.

 And that's my POV.  


  1. Wow - that's a mob - jersey style.
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