Falco Sues for Hurricane Sandy Payday

Is it true?

The highest paid municipal worker in Hoboken who resides at PILOTed Church Towers- housing for moderate income residents- wants a Hurricane Sandy payday?

MSV has reported that Anthony P. Falco, Chief of the Hoboken Police Department wants his overtime pay for  Hoboken's hurricane Sandy disaster, and... Falco has filed a lawsuit against Mayor Dawn Zimmer  reportedly alleging personal bias against him.

Let's break it down: a popular incumbent mayor is sued by a high profile Plaintiff; a lawsuit based on allegations of personal bias at the start of election season.

How would one prove that kind of personal animus?

GA imagines the Discovery phase, coincidentally at the height of the election season. 

Yep,  hours of depositions, requests for the mayor's email...  leading to headlines...

movies...  leaked emails...

Beth Mason's videographer, Tim Brendel, taped Zimmer's deposition. Hosting 4 hours of video is  very expensive.

and graphics...


It looks to GA like a the mud-machine will be in full-force this season, cause if you cant beat them honestly you must (try to) destroy them. 

So, other than feeding a long-simmering vendetta against the Mayor, is there a political aim behind this likely election-season smear-machine?

 Somebody's got LAMB CHOP on the menu!

Oh yeah, it's pretty clear WHO is underwriting OPERATION LAMB CHOP (replacing Zimmer with Timmy in 2014).

GA heard from a 4th warder who received  a glossy full-color mailer pimping Timmys teeny-tiny park petition (not the 6-acre Southwest park he voted "NO" on).

Hmmm... a glossy mailer for Timmy, Timmy's teeny-tiny park petition promoted on Hoboken411, Candidate Ruben Ramos buried alive on page 2 of The Hoboken Reporter, a costly fishing and hunting legal expedition of the Mayor during election season...  what could it all mean?

GA seems to remember some 'Reformer' deal-making with Mike Russo to let him pick her 3 At-Large City Council slate in 2009... that's according to Russo on FBI surveillance video.

On March 4, 2009 she voted YES on a 10-year extension of the Church Towers Pilot.   Then-candidate Ravi Bhalla raised these questions at the time: 
 Regrettably the City Council failed to structure a PILOT that would guarantee affordable housing to those who need it.  Instead the Council provided the landlord a free hand to ignore resident income requirements. Nevertheless, Council Members Dawn Zimmer and Peter Cunningham distinguished themselves by resisting the temptation to vote for the PILOT.

Funny, but lots of moderate and low-income folks in the HHA seem to be unable to move "uptown" to Church Towers, while we've got the highest paid municipal worker, a resident of Church Towers, now suing for 'overtime' during the Hurricane Disaster.

GA thought that those who worked through the disaster were doing it out of common decency, to help their suffering neighbors during the worst environmental/economic disaster to strike our City in our lifetime.

Not everyone, it seems. 


  1. During Sandy, word on the street was that the Mason's rented rooms at the W for policemen and firefighters. If this were done by anyone but them, it would be great. Instead, it would appear that this gesture was just another in a long list to garner favor with those who are here to serve all of Hoboken's citizens.

    Whatever the outcome of this absurd lawsuit, the timing seems to be suspiciously orchestrated and Falco has now become extremely untrustworthy in the minds of many more people in town - that can't be a good strategy for contract negotiations.

    I wonder where he's getting his advice from. Hmmm...where do we see bad advice acted out all the time...?


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