Easter with Augie

Happy Easter, all you big and little bunnies out there.

The Jersey Journal's Political Insider Augie Torres has got an interesting column this weekend- Who'll be going to Trenton? Here's how HCDeadO chose 33rd District Assembly seats.

The selection of Hoboken's Carmelo Garcia and Jersey City's Raj Mukherji for NJ State Senator Brian Stack's ticket is the topic du jour, though Torres can only say the HHA Executive Director was an "interesting choice" without explaining how or why he was picked.  Torres hints about Garcia's discreet courtship of Stack, and pokes fun at Russo's.  And speculates about Stack's rejection of the 2 Hobokenites he thought were "strong picks": Beth Mason and Frank Raia.

(GA hears that Stack thought Mason was "too difficult", haven't heard why he passed on Pupie)
I've felt that Councilwoman Beth Mason and former school board member and rich developer Frank Raia were strong picks for the Assembly seat. You had to believe that Stack was listening because either one could easily wipe out any lingering campaign debt. Only it sounded too much like Obama's old Illinois U.S. Senate seat being put up to the highest bidder.

There were other Hobokenites interested -- did I say Councilman Mike Russo? -- along with Mason and Raia, who would often make evening sojourns to North Hudson diners to meet with Stack and company. It was incessant courting, but as one politico noted, Mason and Raia would go up there and Garcia would be just leaving. One aforementioned City Council member was concerned that he was out of the running and went up to a Kennedy Boulevard eatery (that has great cheesecakes), unaware that Stack was sitting at the Malibu Diner in Hoboken with Garcia.

The Hoboken Housing director is an interesting selection because Stack was never big on Ramos and yet there is a longtime comradeship between Garcia and the outgoing assemblyman.

As for Zimmer, her choice was Hoboken Councilman Ravi Bhalla. By placing Bhalla in Trenton, Zimmer would have had a voice in the Legislature and, at the same time, eliminate a potential ambitious rival.

All this provides grounds for some good conspiracy theories.
Conspiracy theories!  YES!  Check that grassy knoll. 
It was pointed out to me, and it could actually happen, that scorned Mason and Raia could be pushed by the snickering attacks of local bloggers, who swoon over the city administration, into considering a third ticket in November. Don't look for either Mason or Raia running. I would expect them to manipulate the stage with the hope of creating major chaos.
Does he mean us? 

Well, Augie gives the blogs way too much credit, if so.  If there is a third ticket, it won't be a nyah nyah nayh to a bunch of bloggers, it'll be to mess with Ruben or blow mud at Reform.

And for those paying attention, that's been going on for some time.


  1. The thing about Augie and these editors is they all kow-tow to the Old Guard as if they are the only game in town. They go out of their way to insult Ravi Bhalla, the only real candidate who would act as a serious legislator in Trenton. He treats the Russo's with something less than kid gloves, in this case bunny ears.

    None of these journalists have a professional relationship speaking to reform. They pretend the movement in Hoboken and the mayor don't exist as a force, worse they prefer it that way. So, stick fork in that conundrum Augie.

    All the other picks are just yes men who want the title not the work. That of course enrages Beth Mason all the more, her money was not only shunned, she lost to a hood rat.

    The only way Beth Mason should leave Hoboken is in handcuffs.

  2. Anything to do with Raj Mukherji being a South Asian? Even though he is of no challenge and value. Ravi Bhalla is also a South Asian. Maybe just something out there to get the South Asian vote?


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