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source: email excerpt,  page 147

Nothing sucks the air out of a room like a hot, sex scandal involving the powerful leader of a political dynasty, like the one that broke yesterday in The New York Post.

But once you've glossed through the raunch, the real story is hiding in plain sight. Which was pointed out by GA reader khoboken yesterday:
Read the certification, don't just go to the porno emails (which are beyond X rated and NSFW). It is a devastating indictment of the Cryan Dynasty and the harm and personal destruction that a politician with with unlimited resources can cause. HHHHmmmmm......
Yes, indeed.

(By the way, have you ever approached corn on the cob from different angles?  I usually approach mine from the vertical position (seated) with the cob held parallel to my dinner plate, which is usually at 0 degrees to the surface of the table- recommended if you grease your cob with butter or margarine. ) 

Oh, I can't help myself, folks. 

What emerged from reading the certification  is the gross mistreatment of Karen E Golding by the courts.

Golding was initially arrested on charges of stalking Cryan after she was seen entering his unlocked car at the statehouse in 2006. She claimed that she had been in a relationship. She was allowed to enter the state’s Pretrial Intervention program, an intensive form of probation, but she was arrested again in 2007 after stalking a female friend of Cryan’s. She was sentenced in 2010 after pleaded guilty to stalking in that case.

In 2006 Ms. Golding's request to have PTI done by her county of residence was denied and she was assigned a probation officer from Union County. After 33 months of PTI, which included" home supervision, 100 hours of community service, payment of appropriate fines, random urine tests" and psychological exams, and documenting hundreds of job  interviews her PTI was terminated. Golding claims her Union County probation officer was not consulted regarding alleged violations.

Golding emails were sealed by Judicial order and she was not allowed to use them in her own defense.

Cryan always claimed there was no affair, and it appears the courts provided him cover. Prosecutors knew of the e-mail evidence, but continued to argue a version of events which supported Cryan's claims.

In 2010 at Golding's sentencing, she was informed of "12 victims" but not told who they were.  Paging Franz Kafka...   

This February, Ms. Golding filed a motion to have the e-mails unsealed.  Gregory Mueller is prosecuting her case.
 In a court motion, Golding said she was seeking to unseal the e-mails in an effort to prove she wasn’t lying about the relationship, but the court hadn’t yet acted on the motion.
Golding “threatened” those victims and the e-mails should remain sealed to “protect the victims from further harassment and embarrassment” by Golding, Mueller said in a response to the motion.
Also, Mueller said, the e-mails failed to prove that Golding had as extensive a relationship with Cryan, who is also the Union County undersheriff, as she has claimed.
Um, I beg to differ with Mr. Mueller.

In fact, those e-mails are humiliating- to Ms. Golding- and one can imagine her despair in needing to expose them at all simply to prove she wasn't lying.  This reads to me like a very powerful man discarded her after a torrid affair, she reacted very badly (no excuses for bad behavior) so he chose to crush her like a used Dixie cup.

With help.

Golding is now impoverished, her $100K lobbyist career done.

What is it about failed relationships that drives some powerful, successful women over the edge?

GA is reminded of that female NASA astronaut, Lisa Novak, who reacted very badly to being dumped by her lover, a fellow astronaut who'd moved on to another relationship. . 

Get a grip, ladies.  These bums aren't worth it. 


  1. "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." -The Mourning Bride by William Congreve

    I hope Ms. Golding saved her own version of the blue Gap dress.

  2. IfHe'sCryan - He's lyinMarch 26, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    Not really sure Ms. Grafix Avenger why you are making a big deal about a little blo and go. Doesn't every scumbag politician use up a woman for years of personal pleasure and then if she takes a dumping badly send a couple of dozen of his closest friends in law enforcement to take care of the bitch and shut her up?

    Come on now, this is a Cryan travesty. Let Joe go on to his reward as head of the NJ Dem Party. That's fair.


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