Blowing Up Zimmer's House

Tim Occhipinti's churning out press releases, petitions and Op Eds with the frequency one with Montezuma's Revenge runs to the loo.

 Ready for this: Timmy's got a spokesman.

And his people are feeding "dirty truth" and "inside scoop" to's 'Back Room' column; a strategy designed to generate buzz for a candidate.

 Either Ruben's people forgot to dish to 'Back Room' or he doesn't have 'people'. 

Instead, Ramos got an actual article in PolitickerNJ when he announced on February 21, 2013.

So Timmy will get one too, when he announces.  And he will.

At which time Tim's political consultant Whitehorse Strategies will be in overdrive churning out words like "incompetent", "incapable",  and questioning Zimmer's "ability to run a city full of complex issues" Yup, GA's anticipating Timmy's Whitehorse will gallop the most misogynistic campaign in Hoboken history, until he ends up here:

Tim said this stuff about our Lady-Mayor in his Op Ed

Because all of those attacks on "competence"and questioning her ability to handle "complexity" are male code words for 'dumb broad.'

Oh yeah, ladies.  We know what Tim means.

Well, for this strategy to work, he's got to sell Zimmer's "incompetence" to the public.  He's got to turn the public against her.  How?

Here's how: Timmy & Co. blow up her house- with all of us inside.  Then blame the wreckage and human casualties on her- not the ones who lit the dynamite.

And that's what happened at the City Council last night.  Because you can't run a campaign alleging the mayor is incompetent when she's NOT, so you have to blow up her house, before you can accuse her of wrecking it.

Example: you have to kill bonding for the Zimmer proposal to repave Washington Street and parts of Observer Highway before you can have Whitehorse Strategies write your Op-Ed called, "You can't trust Zimmer to fill a pothole"...  then imply our female mayor is not up to running a city "full of complex issues."

The thought of Timmy running a city "full of complex issues" terrifies  me.  What about you?

And so, in attacking Zimmer's budget and the ability of the city to bond, these selfish, bitter clowns try to make Hoboken as chaotic as possible so we will buy Timmy's  "incompetence" pitch (yes, he's running).

Of course, none of this works if Jim Doyle gets seated.  So  expect Beth Mason to fight his appointment to the NJ Supreme Court.  


  1. I don't think that anyone would be surprised if Timmy ran on a platform of "incompetence."

    1. "Politicker Staff" repeats the old guard's lie that the Mayor cancelled the parade.

      With more than a whiff of voter fraud tainting his election, by the time he's knee-deep in his campaign, he'll be running on a platform of "incontinence"

    2. Ha!

      I guess it all 'Depends'. Ruben may 'absorb' Tim's base, and at the rate Tim's spouting his "incompetent" and "unable to handle complexity" claptrap, he'll surely be 'changed' on election day.

    3. Having no understanding of how and when to bond for capital improvement projects, Tim-Wit Occhipinti opens his pie hole to talk about pot holes and proves he's and ass hole. That's a whole lotta holes to fill.

  2. Buying into grandiosity while infrastructure deteriorates. NICE!

    1. Is there a Melissa-to-english dictionary available?

    2. I don't believe so. It's also interesting to see comments on stories from years ago. Unhinged is still unhinged in 2015


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