Back at ya, Sandy!

Photos taken this morning.
Woo hoo GA's so excited...

This post is for the gal on Long Island who keeps asking me how my renovations are going... take a look!

As you folks know, Hurricane Sandy whacked us pretty good; we got a foot of water on my first floor and the basement was submerged. My furnace, water heater downstairs and a lot of personal property including rugs and furniture gone. So, in mid-February our first floor was gutted.... and here we are one month later.  (I still haven't had use of my kitchen, but finally see the light.)

GA can't tell you how excited I am for the week ahead. Yup, it's going to be a great week.

Prayers for all those still recovering from the hurricane, and if you haven't seen the light yet- you will.

Thanks to the Mayor and the City Council majority: Ravi Bhalla, Dave Mello, Jen Giattino and Peter Cuningham for their superb job helping stricken residents with hurricane recovery efforts.  

NO THANKS to the Council minority: Tim Occhipinti, Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Theresa Castellano for SUING the City after Hurricane Sandy, HAMPERING our disaster recovery efforts by OPPOSING FEMA grant money, voting NO to new HOP buses to replace those destroyed by the hurricane, voting NO to repair  hurricane damage to Pier C Park thus CLOSING Pier C park, voting NO to repaving Washington Street,  SUING Councilman Jim Doyle to keep him from serving on the City Council and WASTING disaster- stricken residents' money...  the list of ways these 4 are hurting us in the aftermath of the disaster goes on.  Their objective: that we BLAME Mayor Zimmer.

Get it?  You and I are collateral damage to their SELFISH political gamesmanship.

That's the truth.
Just one month ago


  1. Love the colors. Hope you have your life back soon, councilman Occhipinti's dismissive remarks and even more dismissive behavior toward Hoboken's travails notwithstanding.

    1. Thank you, Info. I went with vibrant, happy colors of rejuvenation/triumph over adversity. That's how I feel. Take that, Sandy! Can't wait to occupy and COOK again, and put my art back on the walls.

      I know those who've finished renovations and those who haven't started. Keep the faith, people.

  2. Congrats, GA! Looks great!

  3. Looks great. Hope you're up and running soon.

    On another note, did you see the letters in this week's Hoboken Distorter? A letter signed "None of the Above" was given the title by the editor of "say goodbye to the carpetbagger from the woods of New England", a phrase not found in the text of the letter. While it is mostly about vilifying the Mayor about the parade, it also contains praise for Jamie Cryan and a thinly-veiled anti-semitic remark.

    If the distorted perspectives and policies of this canary cage liner weren't already obvious, they should be now.

    1. OMG, I thought you were kidding.

      It's not "thinly-veiled", it's in-your-face anti-Semitic. They're talking about the snowflake decorations on the lamp posts, right? Here is one:

      Now I know why I hardly remember to read that rag anymore.

      And, thank you.

    2. Those snowflakes have been going up since at least Roberts' administration. They're an attempt at providing holiday decorations that aren't religious.

      To add to the sad, sick irony, the owner of the Distorter is Jewish as is their benefactress, the she-bitch of all things insane(at least when it suits her).

    3. It occurred to me that the paper may have allowed the letter to run, or perhaps planted it themselves, to increase traffic to their site.

  4. Looks great! I like the warm colors. I'm looking forward to see what little GA cooks up once it's all complete.

    1. Thank you, sockmonkey.

      Yep, no baking for awhile but little GA is helping me grill- we made chicken parmigiana the other day. Who knew it could be done?


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