Zimmer To Make Hoboken a Model City for Flood Defense

Pay attention, folks.

Our mayor, Dawn Zimmer is about to lead a national conversation on how American coastal urban centers prepare for the next Hurricane Sandy.  And under Zimmer, Hoboken will become a model for other American cities on how to avoid disaster, rather than just manage it once we're hit.  Zimmer is proposing policy, engineering and infrastructure initiatives to prevent the paralysis and destruction Sandy brought in October, that we have yet to recover from.

That's right, we know recovery is far from over; some businesses are (still) closed, residents displaced, others are renovating, remediating, some are waiting for insurance checks as others fight for coverage.

Including yours truly. This is GA's house; the pics were taken yesterday, day 2 of renovations. The nice fellas took my kitchen floor and sheet-rock (up to 4') in the living/dining space.  Check out that frigging mold on the stair; you can see the water line.  Mold, mold, everywhere.

Folks, we need to put politics aside and face the common enemy together: global climate change and Hoboken's proximity to WATER.

Let's face it, America is not the cutting edge of protecting our coastal cities from the increasingly extreme weather events we've seen since Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992. We have much to  learn from the success of others such as the Dutch:

The Dutch concept of the "movable barrier" is one of Mayor Zimmer's proposals for Hoboken, along with fixed walls to the north and south of the city, a 'mini-grid' for Hoboken to disconnect from the power substations should they become overwhelmed by flood waters, and more.  She'll present this tonight in her State of The City speech at 7:00 pm at the DeBaun Auditorium in Edwin A. Stevens Hall on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology.

Whether or not residents agree with all her initiatives, the mayor's visionary thinking is about beefing up our defenses against the next Sandy.  And leading by example, other cities will look at Hoboken's successes and follow suit.  With federal and state support, which Zimmer continues to lobby for.

Her proposals are subject of an article in today's New York Times:
The mayor of this city of 50,000 across the Hudson River from New York, badly damaged by the storm, is pushing federal and state officials to make it a test case for a new model of hurricane resilience, one that could be translated to other cities in the Northeast that rising seas have increasingly turned into flood plains.


  1. Climate change? How many feet have the seas risen in the past Century GA?

    1. ss1959, if I want to bicker w/a Republican about climate change you would be my first choice.



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