The $38.5K Elevator

Pardon GA for being stuck on the number $38,500.   I can't help it.

Because that's what the HHA paid (average) per elevator for undefined renovations in 2010. The average residential elevator is about 45 square feet.

That's also about the cost to gut and renovate my flood-damaged first floor, furnish and install new kitchen cabinets and appliances, remediate mold-  for 450 square feet. 
Day 4-  floors gone, walking on plywood.
So to me at least, $38.5K for one elevator is astonishing.  But what do I know about elevators?

Aren't you curious, though?

GA says undefined renovations because the HHA reported it to HUD as "replacement of elevator cab floors", but that's not what Executive Director Carmelo Garcia described at the Feb. 14, 2013 meeting.  He said the $385K flooring contract included new walls, controllers and wiring for 10 elevator cabs.  That sounds like a lot of work. 

So the Executive Director's statements should be easy to substantiate.  

That kind of mechanical and electrical work to an elevator would require inspection- from the vendor at least.  (Flooring changes most likely wouldn't, unless going from a lightweight finish to stone.) And of course there is a contract (not the RFP) awarded to the winning bidder, plus invoices, change orders, etc.

GA is sure there's an explanation for this expense. And contracts, inspection reports, invoices, etc. will tell the story.

Blowing smoke at Chairman Stuiver won't. Nor at blogs.

Remember, attacking bloggers with swastikas and lawsuits failed miserably for the Old Guard just a few short months ago.

Effigies of Chairman Stuiver as a puppet and cheering the announcement of his family emergency shows exactly how debased opponents of Reform have become.


  1. At $38,500 each for a 45 square foot elevator, the square footage price for piss-proof vinyl flooring works out to $855.55 per square foot. Garcia could have just supplied each resident with a lifetime supply of Depends if they can't hold it. He should get some for himself; he's gonna need 'em.


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