Thanks Ed Koch, No Thanks Senator Bob

Thanks, Ed Koch

GA was saddened to hear of former NYC Mayor Ed Koch's passing.

As an NYC BnR, I remember him well- a charming egomaniac who knew how to govern, whose moxie and love of New York and New Yorkers saw us through turbulent times: high crime, racial tension, high unemployment. Koch's take-no-sh*t personality- a true New Yorker- won him friends and enemies, national celebrity and made him a NYC icon.

Here's Ed Koch talking about a 1978 City Hall visit from Reverend Al Sharpton.  It's fascinating- a slice  of New York City's 1970's racial politics .  Sharpton showed up with an entourage of ministers and a petition for $50 billion dollars in reparations and demands for  race-based hiring for a (City-sponsored) summer employment program.  He refused to leave Koch's office until the mayor signed his petition and agreed to all of his demands. So what did Koch do?

Have a listen.   You'll get a glimpse of the Bronx-born, 3-term mayor's moxie- loathed by some, admired by most.  Koch was a good Democrat, a Reformer, a New York original.

R.I.P., Mayor.  And thanks.
No Thanks, Senator Bob


Nobody loves a good political sex scandal more than GA, especially when it involves a finger-wagging hypocrite from the bat-shit wing of the Republican party.

But when it involves minors...  dial 911 And spray the perp with 'Freak-B-Gone.'

That sums up my view of political sex scandals: they aren't the public's business unless they involve minors, physical abuse, harassment, intimidation- anything of a criminal nature and/or the abuse of tax dollars.  And the opposition can't get all giddy and stupid like the Republicans did in 1998 when Linda Tripp ratted out her friend Monica Lewinsky to the Drudge Report, launching the appointment of  Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and his 49-month, $40,835,000 investigation into a Presidential blowj*b, better known as The Suck Heard 'Round the World. 

Remember how the mainstream media lapped it all up? (no pun intended...) Boy, Monica sure took it on the chin..(stop me...) I guess it was a decision made on the fly. (aaargh...) 

GA's copy
Gotta love Larry Flynt's dossier on that era of hypocrisy, The Flynt Report.  

The pornographer spent $4 million of his own money on bounties for anyone who could provide "documentary evidence of illicit sexual relations with a current Representative, Senator or other prominent officeholder."  Flynt was inundated with tips; he only published verified ones about those whose public rhetoric/policy against others' sexual preferences/behavior was at odds with their own private behavior. In other words, his targets were hypocrites. And he went after the sexual McCarthyites of the Clinton impeachment hearings with a special gusto. 

Nothing beats a hypocrite getting their comeuppance.

Back to Senator Bob...

GA read through email correspondence between  Peter Williams- an informant, and parties at ABC news and the government watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).


Williams claims to be an ordinary guy whose jihad against Senator Bob is inspired by moral outrage.  From his April 16, 2012 email to Carrie Levine, the Research Director for CREW:

This smells like the handiwork of a well-financed political operation aimed at Senator Bob, who's now in deep doo-doo if any of it is true.  

If so, do the right thing Senator Bob.  And pass me the spray.