Sully Insults Tim, the Pulls His Column!

Al Sullivan tells it like it is about Timmy, and the HR doesn't publish his column.

This one's too funny!

If GA's skeptics were unconvinced that The Hudson Reporter has been co-opted by Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason how about this?

Al must have been hitting the bong last week, because he drifted off-script and wrote:
"...Mason reportedly would like to see Hoboken Councilman Tim Occhipinti run against Zimmer- talk about sending a lamb into the slaughter."
Ouch!  My friend Al has never actually said it to me but if I had to guess, he thinks Tim is a lightweight, an apparition foisted upon us by the imagination of the late Maurice Fitzgibbons. 

Well, The Hoboken Reporter print edition goes online on Saturday night.  And it did this past Saturday- the whole thing except Sullivan's column.  It's still not there (Monday morning.)

To GA's knowledge, this has never happened.

Do you know what it suggests to me?   Caren Matzner (Editor-in-Chief) or Gene Ritchings (Managing Editor) either missed it, or let it go through on Thursday or Friday or whenever Al turned it in.  When Camp Mason saw it in print, one of them- probably an apoplectic anchovy- shrieked an ultimatum: edit the offending language online or pull the column OR the Brinks Truck rides off into the sunset.

That's my guess.  What else could it be?

Further, how does Ruben Ramos' mayoral announcement  get buried at the bottom of page 2, while a giant pic of Mason and Russo appears on the cover captioned (in bold): "CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS." 

Wow. Does the reporter even know what "conscientious objectors" are?  They are persons who refuse to go to battle based on religious, moral, ethical grounds.

Holy cow.  Matzner's editorial bias is stunning.  Likening the Council Minority's screwing of Hoboken to the nobility of laying down arms.

Mason and Russo refuse to legislate, not fight.  They are legislators, not soldiers.  

Seating Doyle is not going to 'war', it's governing. 

Caren Matzner, get real. 

The Doyle suit STUNT was initiated by Mason, she foisted it upon taxpayers.  She WANTS war, she WANTS to be branded as a "conscientious objector."

The rest of us want GOVERNING.

But that's Mason... who's done nothing but manufacture chaos in Hoboken since she lost 2 mayoral elections.  Well, there's no doubt that she wishes to govern by proxy via Mayor Occhipinti, and Timmy believes the hype about himself.  You don't think he's serious about running?  Check out his petition.

GA loves lamb.  Roasted with fresh rosemary and garlic.

Maybe Mayor Zimmer can serve that at her next inaugural?

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  1. If you don't take this down right now we will regale you with more stories about Nazis. That's right, you and Nazis forever and ever. Neither Beth, James or the ownership appreciates you writing about this.

  2. Take your HR copy and toss it in the trash where it belongs. And ea time you walk past Hmag box take a stack and do the same.


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