Stuiver: Stonewalling on Bids Means "No Action" on Vision 20/20

Props to HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver, for taking no crap from HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.  Garcia failed to issue bid packages to the HHA Commissioners on or before the Friday deadline; the bids were for new HHA counsel.

Why didn't he issue the bids? 

According to Stuiver, Garica claimed he "felt sick."  (Too sick to call The Office to let them do pick up, copying and delivery (same day) or let a subordinate handle the matter).

Stuiver read yesterday's post here and sent me this- on the record:
He (HHA Executive Director Garcia) sent us each these giant cardboard boxes of Vision 20/20 updates and related bids. This was a labor-intensive operation, as the boxes are like mini-file-cabinets and they were delivered by special courier. My wife said a second HHA employee came back later to make sure I'd gotten the box. Clearly there was no shortage of manpower to deliver information to commissioners yesterday. It was a matter of priorities. Carmelo's priorities vs. mine. He can rest assured that no action will be taken on anything Vision 20/20-related until the board's priorities prevail. And even then, there's a lot of questions that need answers. A lot. 
Wow.  Those last 3 lines were a mouthful.

Did you get it?

As long as Garcia stonewalls the bidding process for an HHA counsel and any other "board  priorities" (like hiring a new auditor and deputy director), Vision 20/20 is on hold.  

So says the the Chairman of the HHA, Jake Stuiver.

GA has no idea why Garcia would be stonewalling, with respect to changing the cast of professionals who have audited and advised the HHA for years past (until Reform took the majority of the 7-member Board).

Some believe it has everything to do with the Vision 20/20 Plan- the razing and rebuilding of the HHA-  and its hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts.  

The original 2011 Vision 20-20 proposal.  Under Reform control, the density and scale will be reduced.
Which means replacing the professionals who presided over the award of a $385K contract to replace elevator floors (for example) is an imperative for the HHA Board prior to proceeding with Vision 20/20.

The awarding of contracts for this massive urban renewal project via a standard (fair) bidding process under the oversight of 'fresh blood' appears to be the HHA Board's highest priority.  And they will  see this through.

Some speculate that the Board's new direction breaks expectations for contracts awarded (bloated costs for materials and labor), hence the push-back to bring in a new team.  I'm not.

But the kind of resistance to changing professionals and hiring a Deputy Director is telling.

What is it telling?

GA Note to Jake: 
How do you walk around with those coconut-sized balls?  You've stepped in the cross-hairs of people who will try to ruin you with false attacks, frivolous law suits, midnight fliers, Nazi trucks: standard punishment for Reformers in Hoboken who stand up to corrupt officials and their corrupt political operatives.  Checkbook bullying.   Well, the bigger they think they are, the harder they fall. And they will fall.  Thank you for stepping up.


  1. again....use that money and buy the skyclub or a building like it....beautiful amenities ....SECURITY in the building, and move the family's in. Knock all those other buildings down and make a huge park, pool, community club for ALL kids, fields. That project 20-20 is just a money pit again...just like spending a fortune on repairing those old building....Because to add more building in an area with draining problems is NUTS....

  2. What do they say about hindsight? It's 20/20.

    So too is this plan - a rear-view vision of an obsolete, regressive idea that Hoboken should be rallying against. The warehousing of low-income minorities in grim complexes or single structures has not been the model for subsidized housing for many, many years. And yet, that's what Marchetto and Garcia are serving up.

    Now why would they wish to keep blocs of people contained in one place in one ward somewhat or completely dependent on the largesse of their local politicians? Hmmmm, I'll bet you forty bucks you can guess.

  3. Right on GA..And Jake ,if there going after you,You know your doing right thing. Kick ass my brother.jimmy bazz

  4. Oh and my friend DA Horsey..Keep showing your video, and standing ground.loved the whinny Director Garcia,never told his people yelling to hush up, like a gentleman. Disrespectful. And he had too cry about being seen. Like a child, its my ball, play my way or im going home. grrrr.Been low key, fighting this cancer,But keeping up with you both on freedom of speech on blogs. jimmy bazz


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