Solving the HHA Mystery

WHO was the beneficiary of the contract - who are the officers, directors and shareholders of the company that put the price inflated tiles in the elevators? Find out the answer to those questions and the rest of the story will fall into place. -khoboken, MSV
Original Vision 20/20 proposal

GA had this conversation with a friend last night. All this fuss- HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's mystery contract that on one can see- one which gives him "sole authority" to pick his team (lawyer, auditor),  the ginned-up fury at those pushing to change team players (Chairman Stuiver, Reform) is all about the razing and redevelopment of the HHA, known as Vision 20/20.

The Vision 20/20 redevelopment holds a bounty of riches-million in contracts.  Millions.

Is that why the Old Guard is fighting hard to hold onto the same team that awarded that $385K Elevator Flooring contract?


GA imagines that the Old Guard never expected, nor was prepared for Reform to control the HHA. So when Marianne Camporeale got the boot, there was a push to approve the original Vision 20/20 design; a high-density, built up to the lot-line and packing 'em in sorta plan.  It almost got through.  The new Reform-majority re-visited the plan and has overseen a re-design; scaled-down and reduced in density.

If that wasn't bad enough for the Old Guard, Stuiver was leading the Board to replace the lawyer and auditor.   Hence, the fury directed at Stuiver.  These attacks on the HHA Chairman suggest 2 motives (1) Try to get him booted off the board (a petition was circulated to remove Stuiver) (2) Make an example of him- 'this is what will happen to you'  if you try to control our goody bag.

In that case, hiding the ED's contract may be about: (1) concealing the powers granted to the ED  (2)  amendments made to the original contract to prevent Reform from tinkering beneath the HHA hood.

The mystery of why the HHA Commissioners don't have, nor can see, the Executive Director's contract is feeding the public's interest in this matter.  It won't go away. 

But that's only half of the story.

Because finding out who has benefited in the past (ultra-generous contracts) may (or may) not tell us who is behind the attacks Chairman Stuiver and other Reformers.  GA doubts the public will ever know without a full audit and review of  HHA operations. Which include employee contracts- not only the Executive Director, but others on staff.

Maybe this story is better told as a fable.


  1. The board approves all contracts, yes? Which means they are a party to the contract as the approving authority. They should have the absolute right to request copies of this and all other contracts they approve. Get copies, get copies now.

  2. Carmelo's attorney would have to provide a copy of the contract. Now, why do i think this will present a problem?


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