OPRA the Contract

Why not?

After the HHA meeting, someone sent me this:
It was Carmelo's contract that stated that the Ex Dir. has the "sole appointing power"... but Carmelo won't let anyone have a copy of his contract... Mello, Burrell, and Lincoln have NEVER even seen it... how the f*ck do they know what it says?  

 "Carmelo won't let anyone have a copy of his contract"

Well folks, its easy to OPRA a document- like the HHA Executive Director's contract. I suppose you can file an OPRA request at the HHA, but you might as well try the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) first, they'll (probably) give you less hassle.

You can do it all online- it takes a minute.

1- Click here: https://www16.state.nj.us/NJ_OPRA/department.jsp

2- In the 'Choose a Department' field select "Community Affairs"

3-In the 'Choose a Division' field select "Division of Housing and Community Resources(I think)

4-Fill out the form- it looks like this:

You must fill out all the blue fields PLUS this:  
Select One: Under penalty of N.J.S.A. 2C:28-3, I certify that I   Have Not   Have   been convicted of any indictable offense under the laws of New Jersey, or any other state, or in United States.
Request the documents be emailed- it's free.  But you still need to put a number in the "Maximum Authorized Cost" field.

So anyone who's curious to see what the BIG SECRET is all about by all means take 60 seconds and file the OPRA.  The HHA ED is paid with public money and you have the right to know.

I'd be curious to compare the contract the DCA has on file to the one Daglian wouldn't show Chairman Stuiver when he asked to see it the other night.  Instead Daglian tucked the contract in his briefcase.

Maybe that's why they've deployed the  scummiest thugs to go after Jake- he asks way too many questions. 



  1. It's a brilliant strategy if you can get away with it. But why stop there?

    The contract further states that everyone I'm attracted to in the office has to sleep with me. First they have to take me out and show me a good time. I'm not a slut, you know.

    It also says I can park wherever I want whenever I want. And I can use other people's cars when I need to or just if I really like their cars.

    In public forums, no one can be visibly taller than me. Squat down, stay seated, do whatever you have to do. Figure it out.

    And laugh heartily at my jokes, finishing with an expression that suggests that not only did I leave you wonderfully, even exhaustedly, amused, but I also taught you something important about life that has changed you and made you a better person (within the bounds of your quite limited relevance to begin with).

    When in doubt, thank me. For being there, showing up, taking your car, nailing your wife, using your credit card - whatever. Just thank me. Make sure you're squatting when you do.

  2. No, not OPRA, this is a federal position. You would need to file a FOIA request.

    1. Here's what I was told by someone who should know:

      "By State law the DCA should also have Carmelo's contract on file but I have no idea on how to OPRA them."

      We can discuss further offline.

  3. The board should already have a copy of this and every other contract upon request. They are the board! They need to request, nay, they need to demand a data room be set up where every contract is available, where every audit is available, every invoice, every scrap of paper for their viewing at their pleasure and they need to take advantage of this plethora of information to do their own diligence as a part of their fiduciary duty to the residents of the HHA.

    Carmelo doesn't agree to let his employer have the information in question then they need to bring in HUD and perhaps hire an attorney and file suit for it. I would also put Carmelo on notice that he is not living up to his duties as director and document everything w/ respect to how he is disappointing the board.


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