One Eye: HHA Contractor's NJ Corporate Status Revoked

GA's previous post was barely up when my monocular super-sleuth, One Eye (the result of a run-in with a rhinoceros horn) sent me an email with this subject line: They make this shit too easy. 

My goodness, that eyeball's got a foul mouth.  

Here is what he sent:  following report from the NJ Secretary of State's Business Gateway, dated 2/19/13 (today), showing that the HHA's elevator contractor's NJ corporate status was revoked in 2007. 

Their reinstatement process has been"pending" since 2009.

Doesn't the HHA vet bidders to make sure they are good standing with the state?   Does this company have insurance?   The Executive Director paid them $385K for flooring in 10 elevator cabs and what else?


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