Mason Off the Rails

If a Councilwoman falls in Hudson County and there's no one there to hear it, did she make a sound?

One thing's clear: State Senator Brian Stack's decision to keep Beth Mason OFF his ticket yanked the pin from her sanity-grenade.   


Stack's rejection has launched a downpour of Mason snail-mail, email, letters to the Editor all sounding like this: ME!  ME! ME!

Everywhere you look- she's there.  In your mailbox, online, in your newspaper.  ME! ME! ME! With lies so brazen you blink and wonder silently: did she really say that?  I DID IT!   IT WAS ME!  ALL ME!  ME!  ME! ME!  

Yep, without missing a beat Mason turned from wooing Brian Stack back to us.  Yippee.   Presuming that Hoboken residents want her junk-mail is pure narcissism.

We don't.

GA got this from a Mason constituent:
In case you haven’t seen this. This could be the best definition of chutzpah I have seen in a long time. What is she smoking? 
Here it is:

The actual text of the Mason newsletter.

"I am calling on the Mayor and her Council allies to drop their lawsuit, reimburse the taxpayers for the cost of their attorney..." 

WOW.  That's NUTS.  

Who wants to want to break the news to  Mason it's her lawsuit and if anyone should reimburse taxpayers it's her.  I mean, since when does a Plaintiff ask a Defendant to drop their lawsuit?

It actually works the other way around.  It's the Plaintiff- the initiator of the complaint, who does the withdrawing.

Sometimes a Defendant will ask a Plaintiff to withdraw a lawsuit. Then it's up to the Plaintiff to avoid the consequences of bringing a frivolous lawsuit to Court by withdrawing it.  If the Plaintiffs are political operatives they may demand "7-figures" from a Defendant to withdraw their frivolous, strikingly disingenuous, politically motivated claim.  Watch out for those!

In any case, Mason's press release demanding Defendants  to withdraw "their" lawsuit is bat-shit crazy.  Ready for more?

Here's her 2/25/13 snail mail where she claims:

"I have been working hard with our Federal and state representatives to ensure Hoboken receives the relief needed to cover from Hurricane Sandy." 


Was that before or after her "business trip to Italy" when she went AWOL from the City Council on the night of the Doyle vote?

Read her letter.

Beth Mason's taking credit for legislation at the federal level.  

Do Senators Menendez and Lautenberg know about this?  I'll bet they don't.  Oh  my goodness... positively bizarre.   

Well... if she's got no interest in legislation at the municipal level,  she might as well pretend she's working  in D.C..

Is it any wonder that Mason's bizarre behavior: this compulsion to be onstage, to fabricate stories involving other elected officials, to issue wacky press releases, that all this scared off Brian Stack?

You take the money, you get the crazy.


  1. hahahaha. "I have been the deciding vote . . ."


  2. Some things money can't buy: Respect, character, wisdom, happiness, common sense, good taste, style, love, health, (some kinds of friendship), sanity and apparently, a cure for narcissistic personality disorder.

    Some things money CAN buy: Lawyers, liars, sycophants, votes, enemies, bad taste, fliers, push-polls, robo-calls, (some kinds of friendship), advertising, kid-stalkers, failed bloggers, wine cellars and whine sellers.

  3. See the thing is, she can lie and those who are not following believe her. This is her angle.

  4. Joseph Goebbels is smiling in hell.


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