Mason at the HHA

  • Chocolate valentines from Beth Mason distributed at an HHA meeting?
  • Mason' political operatives, Barry (dad) and Tim (son) Brendel, videotaping at the HHA?
  • Mason political operative and elected official, Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio blocking a member of the public's videocamera?
  • Mason operative Calicchio distributing t-shirts with a puppet effigy of Chairman Stuiver and calling him "Benedict Arnold"

What's this all about?

It's all speculation, but we all know this: Mason wants the slot on Stack's ticket- the one vacated by Ruben Ramos.

GA now believes she's going to get it. The scuttlebutt is that Stack will take a chance on the crazy in exchange for the checkbook.  He knows about her antics and her misfit-Mafia, but her toxicity in Hoboken doesn't matter to Union City or Jersey City voters.  If she's with Stack, she's IN.

This could all change tomorrow.  But if it doesn't, Mason's going to Trenton.

Stack would most likely pick her staff, but she can bankroll 'consultants'- the kind that make Nazi Truck videos and block members of the public's cameras.

So having lost Reform completely, buttering up the HHA constituency with valentine chocolates in advance of November (expect chocolate bunnies at Easter time) makes sense.

But GA thinks there's more to Mason and her army of sloths infiltrating the HHA.  And its not to help Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.  None of this is about Carmelo.

It's all about Jake.

The vendetta-driven Mason and her operatives have been seething over Stuiver since he left their camp back in 2009 and criticized Mason in letters to the Hoboken Reporter.

If you recall, Mason tried to smear him in April 2011 when it was disclosed that she had agreed to a meeting with FBI Informant Solomon Dwek.  Stuiver had accompanied Mason to the meeting with Dwek, at her request.  Once this became public- after the FBI surveillance tape of Mike Russo agreeing to a $5,000 bribe was released- Mason operatives were dispatched to dirty up Stuiver and tie him to Dwek.  Mason's attack-dog has run a number of hits on Stuiver-  like this:

(Don't you love how Hoboken's #1 CHECKBOOK BULLY who routinely savages and/or SUEs members of the Zimmer administration, Reformers (like Jake) and Reform bloggers dispatches proxies to call  them "bullies"?)

Well, GA can tell you that the public "Benedict Arnold" campaign against Stuiver that Mason is staffing has a very personal dimension.

Yup, this is a vendetta against Stuiver that dates back to his leaving her camp and up to the present.

GA knows things which I'm unable to discuss, but trust me- Mason is showing her rage at Stuiver with valentines and t-shirts.

Calling him"Benedict Arnold" is a message to him- from her. At some point you'll understand what it's about. 

But since Mason can't get out of her own way, there'll be some kind of escalation sooner than that.