HHA: "Carmelo Love-fest, Jake Hate-fest"

One has to wonder why the attempted hiring of a new HHA attorney would trigger the response it did last night at the HHA.

What was the response?  You'll hear for yourself- GA is obtaining the audio tape, on which you'll hear cries of "backstabber!" and worse lobbed at HHA Chairman Stuiver.  The scene was described this way "they are making Carmelo a proxy for themselves, so by being critical of him, (Jake) is effectively a  racist."

Ugh. Exactly what GA told you the Dark Side was planning to do.  Ugly.  First a Nazi Truck at the Board of Education, now this.

Garcia used the buzzwords of a civil harassment complaint, per Patch: "... he has been functioning in a “stressful, hostile, work environment.”  How so?  The Executive Director has no boss apparantly; has he been harassing himself?  He is a public official with vast responsibilities- the bar is extraordinarily high for him to make such an assertion. 

So why were the residents this angry about  replacing one professional on the board with another? Why so personal?

GA heard about a petition being circulated in the HHA against Jake. Clearly, there has been an effort to demonize him, make him a hated figure- an enemy of HHA residents.  That was clear.

Be careful what you wish for, Dark Side.  Because the level of anger and emotion you are stirring against a man with a family may have unintended consequences.  Did you tell those angry people about the exorbitant amounts of money the HHA has been spent on elevator floors and renovations? It seems to GA they should be angry at YOU not the guy who's trying to clean up your mess. Those residents should be living in the Taj Mahal, with $387K elevator floors made of gold.

Are they?

HHA residents, that's what Jake and Reform are trying to do-  make sure ALL federal money goes where it is SUPPOSED to- you.  That is why you are being lied to by those who wish to tear down the fortress walls around how your money is really being spent.  While they are fighting to hide the past by keeping the fortress walls surrounding them.

And who was flanking the room?  Beth Mason operatives, and her puppet Tim Occhipinti.  Occhipinti told Patch:  “Politics is so infused in this board, you cannot not see it.”

Really, Timmy?  So what were YOU doing there ranting about Zimmer?

Timmy also read from this blog- a them from the evening was Stuiver's internet activity.  NEWSFLASH: One does not give up their First Amendment rights when serving as a volunteer on a municipal or federal board.  Timmy should know.  Every time he farts he Facebooks about it.  Occhipinti Tweets from work. His messages are political.


Remember, Timmy's the guy whose campaign workers (575) counted for  approx 46% of ballots cast for him in 2010, and whose campaign has an open criminal investigation at the NJ AG's office.

Anyway, it appears Carmelo is a Unitary Executive with unilateral authority to hire and fire.

Sweet contract.  Wonder who wrote it? 


  1. His attorney- aka the hha attorney that was reappointed last night.

  2. The status quo shouldn't be tolerated by the reformers. When will the HHA board obtain a copy of Carmelo Garcia's contract? It's circle-jerk between Carmelo and his attorney, who crowned him Czar of the HHA. He still hasn't provided the board with an employee list, either. Why does this board have to work blind and with their hands tied? WTF?

    At the BoE meeting last month, Carmelo abstained on the vote for the Vice Principal of the HHS claiming he received his information about it too late. How the hell can the HHA board vote on anything if they don't get the information at all?


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