Giattino Attacked By a DINO, Mason Ready to Sue Again


You know how GA loves making fun of wing-nut Republicans- the high-handed, moralizing kind. You know, closet pervs and Scripture-quoting Commandment-busters.  (Know why they thump their Bibles so hard?  So you can't hear them banging your wife).  

Well, GA would take an honest Hoboken Republican (Jen Giattino) over a dishonest Hoboken Dem any day.   Which is why the rantings of one City Council member against another last night over national party affiliation were so obnoxious.
Hoboken's non-partisan local political world is funny.  99% (non-scientific) of our politicians claim to be Democrats;  in truth, we are infested with DINOs (Democrat-In-Name-Only) . And if Hudson County ever turned red,  these DINOs would jump ship in a heartbeat. 

So Giattino sits up there on the City Council dais, the lone Republican surrounded by Democrats.  Last night, she had the temerity to ask for clarification on the definition of an 'assault weapon' prior to voting on a resolution to support a Daily News petition to ban "all assault weapons".

Sounds fine to me. Why shouldn't she understand what she's voting on?  Here's the funny part.

Neither Mason nor Timmy could answer correctly; neither knew what as "assault weapon" was.  The two cheerleaders of the  assault weapons ban resolution embarrassingly flubbed their answers (Horsey, please cut video!)  Note: whenever the Council minority gets caught dumb-handed, they throw decibels, lots of them.   A flustered Timmy knowing he'd been caught driving-while-stupid started hollering gibberish, screeching like a monkey to distract us from his empty rhetoric.  It was hysterical.   Props to Giattino, who was persistent, probing again and again on how many bullets (or rounds) separate a gun from an assault weapon.  Giattino openly and honestly admitted not knowing, stating she wanted to understand what she was voting on.

So, if Mason and Timmy didn't know what an assault weapon was, who did?

Mike Russo!  Yep, the 3rd Ward Councilman schooled his clueless comrades on the meaning of an "assault weapon."  Then he attacked Giattino, calling her the "lone Republican" on the Council- like it was a communicable disease; he painted the 6th Ward Councilwoman  as a locked and loaded Hoboken Annie Oakley.   

Mind you, Russo is said to be a gun-owner who's publicly advocated for guns in public schools (worn by security guards). So why is a gun-owning Second Amendment supporter who wants guns in our school castigating Jen on an issue they agree on?  Hmmmm?

Looks like Jen was attacked by a DINO.

Next, signs of another Mason lawsuit in the making; last night she asked  Recreation Director Leo Pelligrini for proof that the Hoboken's Athletic Programs complies with Title IX . (no sex-based discrimination for federally-funded programs.)

Why the sudden interest?

GA wonders if this is the Old Guard's 'issue' for the 2013 election: charging Reform with racial, ethnic and gender discrimination.  Clearly it's happening at the HHA- Eduardo Gonzales proclaiming he was booted from the Chairmanship of the Finance committee because he's Hispanic.  Now Mason checking City Hall's compliance with Title IX?  Why is she asking Pellegrini for data about the number of girls participating on boys teams?

The 'Zimmer Bloggers' lawsuit failed miserably as a campaign issue in 2012. Will she try a gender-based discrimination claim against the Zimmer administration in 2013?

 I have a better idea.

How about an investigation into the occupancy of Church Towers and other taxpayer-subsidized housing for compliance with the US Department of Justice Fair Housing Act?  

Sec. 804. [42 U.S.C. 3604] Discrimination in sale or rental of housing and other prohibited practices
As made applicable by section 803 of this title and except as exempted by sections 803(b) and 807 of this title, it shall be unlawful--(a) To refuse to sell or rent after the making of a bonafide offer, or to refuse to negotiate for the sale or rental of,or otherwise make unavailable or deny, a dwelling to any person because of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, or national origin.
Hoboken is 6% African American.  I hear you're more likely to find Timmy at a Mensa meeting than  a black person living in Church Towers.

What about Hispanics?  Does the Church Towers reflect Hoboken's 15% Hispanic demographic? 

Now that's a lawsuit you'll never see from Beth Mason. Or any of the Old Guard. 


  1. How about investigating how many people actually LIVE in their units. I know at least 3 people with apartments in Marineview that DON'T live there. "My mom moved to Florida we rent out her apartment and actually profit a few hundred bucks." "I moved into my girlfriend's place and we rent out mine." "In the summer I sublet my place to students and live at my shore house."

  2. Lets not forget that each of those housing complexes are the beneficiary of a tax abatement in the form of a PILOT, which subsidizes the rents. So each tax payer in town is paying a portion of Mikey's rent every month, even the rent for his felonious father.

  3. Actually Russo didn't know what he was talking about either. He just sounded less idiotic when Mason and Occhipinti were caught completely clueless on a pandering resolution meant to score hollow political points.

    Russo got pretty rough with Councilwoman Giattino. He made us things she didn't even say and played like he was countering her "conversation."

    All she did was ask a few simple questions and the dumb from the Old Guard came roaring out.
    Actually the dumb came out of every single one of them including Castellano.

    They don't know a gun from a thumb up their asses, quite literally.

  4. no one is subsidizing marine view, workforce housing......12 apts per floor and approx 22 floors ....rents are no lower than 1000.00 each... so 12x22x1000.00 = $264,000.00 per building approx rents per month...some more than 1000.00. What is the tax on one of those bldgs???? Nothing is subsidized... it is just normal rents ...not like market rip offs....

    Subsidies are a voucher from the government to pay a portion of rent.....


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