Double Vision 20/20

left: Vision 20/20 BEFORE Camporeale stepped down  right: Vision 20/20 AFTER Camporeale stepped down and Reform took control of the HHA Board

Folks, there is no doubt in GA's mind that the histrionics we saw at the City Council, online and at the HHA over Marianne Camporeale's removal had everything to do with the pot of gold over the rainbow: the razing and redevelopment of the HHA called Vision 20/20.

Camporeale's removal meant the ascendance of Reform at the HHA and all kinds of sunlight for the secretive and all-powerful Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.  In order to keep out prying eyes, the ED's last defense was to protect his secrets within a fortress: his lawyer, his auditor and a staged People's-rebellion against the Starbucks-sipping, bicycle-riding interlopers of Reform.

Zimmer Puppet!  Benedict Arnold! Big Giant Meanie!

All of the fuss- including hiding the ED's contract, resisting a new auditor, ramming through the re-appointment of attorney Daglian (now invalidated by Corp Counsel) and the t-shirt rebellion have aroused intense interest- even suspicion- that all this to keep sunlight out of the HHA must mean something's amiss.  

Well, whatever's amiss will be revealed, because GA believes it's only a matter of time until HUD gets involved.  And I believe it was the wrangling over the attorney;  the conflict of interest in representing the Board over his own reappointment and which triggered Hoboken's Corporation Counsel to invalidate it- that is going to raise red flags at HUD.  In my opinion.

It's not the crime, it's the cover-up.

And the all-you-can eat Vision 20/20 smorgasbord planned by Chef Carmelo appears to be on hold until matters are straightened out:  appointing a new attorney, new auditor, a Deputy Director,  Board control of meetings, etc.

Well, yesterday was a busy day here at GA.  Let's recap:

As for the elevator contractor, GA got this from a lawyer-friend: If I was their bank, I would be exceptionally interested in that document, and unless they could show they had incorporated elsewhere, it would immediately serve as grounds for shutting down their accounts. Well, whatever the case may be, the elevator contract was awarded in 2010- the same year that $385K of federal money was paid for ... ?  Audit needed.
  •  On October 20, 2012, Executive Director Garcia announced that  HHA's Fire Protection contract was "being awarded to Total Fire Safety" (meeting transcript- page 49) On February 14, 2013- 4 months later- Hoboken Fire Department Chief Blohm presented the results of his department's recent inspection: abysmal safety violations, life threatening conditions-- SIX buildings with NO fire suppression, non-working electric panels, non-working generators among others.  If the contract was awarded in October, how were such egregious, hazardous safety conditions allowed to languish for months?


  1. I just am fascinated by the space allotted to a. "Charter school" - odds that it is a lottery for which school gets it vs the school carmela's kids attend? And what the rent will be and what will it go to fund?

  2. There's a charter school in these plans? REALLY? Hmmmm... If this is the case, there is more here then Carmelo's kid. Looks like some are hoping for a creation of a newly created charter not just any old charter.

    Think about it. The Russo-Frank Raia's of the town want their mits so badly on the boe money they will do anything to create their own boe. Thus, in the form of a charter. And where better then setting up a charter then in the "hood". Their own private fiefdom.

    Get ready people, this is going to be a wild ride. You ain't seen nothin' yet.


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